Elder's School: 2015 KMS Program

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  • Separation of Powers
    Separation of Powers

    More attention to how to study the Watchtower than anything else.....I guess big things are in the works.

    1) mention title

    2) sing song

    3) mention title

    4) read paragraph

    5) point finger

    6) lister to comment

    7) shake head in approval or say "excellent"

    8) repeat for all paragraphs

    9) sing song

    10) thank GB

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    What about the WT Overseer's demand for comments of the "wonderful artwork" depicting Bible scenes, which are then described by members of the audience as if they were actual photographic evidence of the events portrayed?

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    You forgot:

    11. Rinse

    12. Repeat

    13: review.... It's a cult.

  • Apognophos

    Haha. Yes, and the importance of staying on time. That's going to take another whole minute to explain. Did we get to 95 minutes yet?

  • JustVisting

    What about this: "How to sheperd the brothers"

    maybe this: "How to give scriptural counsel"

    or this: "How to remember that single sister's name in the wallflower section that always gives annoying (heartfelt) comments during WT"

    probably this: "How to be vigilant during judicial stake-outs" (homework assignment after Day 1)

    definitely this: "How to conduct an investigatory meeting to determine 'loose conduct...with greediness'" aka questions your were afraid to ask but are dying to know.

  • subytrek

    It was the last Kingdom Ministry School that I attended 2 years ago that was another nail in the coffin for me resigning as an elder. It seems more than half of that one was devoted to the disfellowshipping process with those videos. It still seems like the elders aren't getting how the org wants them to do it since they have yet another school with just about the same information. I'm glad I won't be going.

  • AlwaysBusy

    DoC: Wow....that's quite a picture! lol ... Thanks for the hearty laugh. BU2B: I agree and it's really quite sad.

  • LostGeneration

    I guess Jesus advice to 'stop judging' doesn't apply in God's Organization.

  • BU2B

    Ray Franz in his seminal work "Crisis of Conscience" remarked that the vast majority of time spent in the GB room was spent on DF issues/ what is, isnt, should be, etc. I guess not much has changed. They are obsessed with cutting people off from loved ones. Sick bastards arent they?

  • BluesBrother

    A total of 95 minutes on conducting a Watchtower Study .. A short number of years back there was a BOE letter on the same subject. I guess they are realizing that it is the biggest meeting of the week.. Will they take any more notice? I doubt it......

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