Elder's School: 2015 KMS Program

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  • pixel

    Good morning. Want to attend?



    Song No. 69 and Prayer

    “Do Not Neglect the Gift” 20 min.
    Judging With Insight–Appeal Committee 110 min.

    BREAK 15 min.
    Judging With Insight–Reinstatement Committee 90 min.
    Song No. 83 and Break 45 min.

    Song No. 70
    Making Recommendations–A Serious Responsibility (Part 1) 40 min.
    Making Recommendations–A Serious Responsibility (Part 2) 30 min.
    How to Conduct the Watchtower Study (Part 1) 60 min.

    BREAK 10 min.
    How to Conduct the Watchtower Study (Part 2) 35 min.
    Be Guided by Bible Principles 25 min.
    “Be Made New in Your Dominant Mental Attitude” 35 min.
    A Balanced Man Is a Valuable Man 30 min.
    “The Shrewd Man Understands the Way He Is Going” 30 min.
    Song No. 63 and Prayer

  • hoser

    Where do I sign up?

  • sir82

    It's very odd that nearly 2 hours is dedicated to appeals committees.

    Generally, appeals are heard only by "superstar" elders within the circuit, the guys you see trotting up there every CA.

    In my experience, most DF decisions are not appealed, so there is never a need for more than a half dozen or so "appeal elders" per circuit, out of the typically 100-150 elders per circuit.

    Why give everybody training that mabe 3% of the elders would ever actually use?

    Maybe this is pointing to a change in procedure, such that they expect the number of appeals to climb dramatically?

    It also is odd that they devote so much time to reinstatement committees. I suspect the Service Dept. thinks people are being readmitted too quickly and they want to put the brakes on.

    It is really bizare that it takes them 90 minutes to tell elders how to conduct the WT....can't figure out why it is such an issue.

  • Apognophos

    Nice to know that over three hours are devoted to judging others, and two hours devoted to, you know, following Bible principles 'n' stuff.

  • stuckinarut2

    It is just more of the same...

    "you are stars in gods right hand...do as we the GB say and you swill be allowed to remain as one of the selected few who can enjoy lording it over the mindless masses...but don't get too full of yourself, as you are only in your positions because of us the GB!... Now kiss each others asses, then kiss ours the GB too"

  • WingCommander

    And Jesus name isn't even mentioned ONCE in this outline. Fine Shephards, indeed. Pfffffhttt.

    - Wing Commander

  • DesirousOfChange

    It makes me want to hurl as I think about the mindless hours spent in these bullshit sessions.

    Oh my, the feelings of self-importance it gives one to be a member of the chosen few -- undershepherds of God's Flock.


  • Watchtower-Free
  • Oubliette

    Oubliette's condensed version of How to Conduct the Watchtower Study (Part 1 & 2 combined): 10 seconds

    • Read the paragraph(s)
    • Ask the questions
    • Stick to the print (and do NOT introduce any outside materials, especially your own ideas)
    • Close with song and prayer

  • BU2B

    I really hope someone records this.. It seems everything revolves around DF/Shunning policies. Can you imagine if that effort was redirected to actually HELPING people, not HURTING them?

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