IF you believe in evolution, theistic or not.....

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    Are you more amazed by nature documentaries NOW, or were they better when "God did it"??


  • Apognophos

    I think I'm more amazed now. I would expect clever designs from an all-knowing all-powerful God, but to see clever designs spring up from "nothing" (actually, from the interaction between various laws of the universe) is fascinating.

  • Vanderhoven7

    The first cell organizing itself into a functioning replicating organism is even more facinating.

  • Crazyguy

    I had a hard time with evolution and still do about certain things but when one learns that an ape has 98% dna of a human and female Hyenas have mock penises it changes ones perspective.


    I just watched a show about Indochina. It was crazy awesome. The Lotus Mantis is incredible, as were the other species of mantis. I couldn't figure out how cannibalistic insects fit into paradise.

    Then I saw a macaque monkey using rocks to dislodge oysters from rocks. Not only did he smash clams with rocks, but he chose various rock based on what he was doing. He carried his "tools" with him and used a flat rock for clams and a wedge for oysters that were really hard to reach.

    Then there were more cannibals, crabs this time. Why purposely create such creatures?


  • prologos

    Apo, I am ever more amazed, because the laws of nature alone could not sculpt these structures (like the albatross-, the Owl- wing) into the most perfectly fitting shape ( like the puddle into the pot hole), but there had to be an build - propensity we have not yet detected that came with the pagage when it all started. wow.

  • Comatose

    I am more amazed and enjoy nature shows more now. They actually make sense as opposed to wondering why god wanted the wasp larvae to slowly eat its host alive from the inside to get out.

  • smiddy

    The fact that one living animal survives off the death of another living animal sums it all up for me.



    Well said, Smiddy. All are one and one is all. We all survive off the death of something else.

    Another thing that just struck me was this, if we humans are the pinnacle of God's earthly creation, then why are we so much like monkeys?? Wouldn't we be as different from monkeys as Orca are from sardines? Does that make sense? We are,"a little lower than the angels", yet take away our clothes, razors, make-up, hair product, tooth-brushes, deodorant and what do you have left?

    I understand the design argument. The bipedal design is good, so humans have it, as some argue. It just seems like a creature created in Gods image would be something other than a better looking ( this is relative, just hang out at WalMart ) monkey??


  • cofty

    The bipedal design is good

    Good enough, but not ideal.

    Women have a broader pelvis to allow childbirth but it's hardly wide enough to avoid birthing problems. Any wider and they would have a very inefficient gait.

    Humans suffer a lot from back pain because of a sub-optimal design for an upright posture.

    Like a lot of animal "design" it's a trade-off.

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