My best friend died yesterday

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  • TimeBandit

    Sometimes people make special connections to animals. Sometimes they bond very deeply and are real friends. Yesterday was the end of such a friendship that lasted ten wonderful years.

    Ten years ago, as a newlywed my wife surprised me with Indy. She knew I had always wanted a big dog. A workmate of hers raised Great Danes and my wife secretly bought a pup surprised me with it. I was overjoyed. Indy was a fawn colored Dane with a black mask. He was a sweetheart from the beginning, and very smart. We had him house broken within two weeks.

    Indy and I bonded quickly. He grew up to be a big boy indeed. He weighed 175 pounds, and was the sweetest, most gentle dog ever. He loved cats, and children. He was so very loyal.

    When I first got him somewhere deep inside I remembered that Great Danes live a fairly short life, 10-12 years. I knew he would be leaving me one day, but he was a pup and who gives much thought to their sweet doggy dying some day?

    Recently I had been thinking about that. I saw that My sweet Indy was not getting around as well as he used to. I could hear his joints creak and pop when he got up or tried to lay back down. He was starting to be in pain and suffer.

    I told my wife that I think it might be time to think about having him put to sleep. I just had this strong feeling that the time was here. Where did ten years go? I made Indy an appointment for last Wednesday to be put to sleep. We took him to his appointment and had him looked over by the vet. He was indeed suffering from Arthritis and had several other problems that were only going to be more painful as time wore on. A 175 pound dog with joint pain is a sad thing.

    Well, At the vet, I decided to wait for a week to make sure it was really necessary to put him to sleep. I re-scheduled his euthanasia for the following Wednesday (next week).

    I woke up yesterday morning to find him unable to get up at all. I managed to get him outside somehow, but he collapsed by his water bowl and was just laying there disoriented. I think he had a stroke during the night. It was saturday, but I went to the vet to see if she could please come to mt house and put him to sleep. She said she was busy and couldn't help he.

    I knew instantly what that meant. It meant that it would fall on me to keep my Indy from suffering. I went back home and made a pallet on the ground next to Indy and told him all about doggy heaven. He still recognized me but he couldn't move. I talked to him soothingly and remembered with him all the good times we had and promised him We would be together again some day and I'd take him on walks and we'd have lots of fun because there are no fences or dog catchers in Heaven. As I was talking to him and caressing his big head and floppy ears I cried.

    I began to realize that he could potentially be like this all weekend. We were hoping he would pass away peacefully, but as time wore on, we saw that we needed to do something to help him...I made the most painful and heart breaking decision. With the Vet not being an option, and not knowing what else to do, I had to put him to sleep myself.

    Stricken with grief and with our stomachs in knots, we somehow managed to lift him into the back of the suv. I found a beautiful spot by the river. We unloaded him and said our last goodbyes. We told him again about doggy heaven where there are no fences.

    Then I took my gun and shot him. I wailed with grief and collapsed to my knees holding my good sweet big boy as the life left him and he stopped breathing. His last breath touched my arm and I saw his life leave. Away up to doggy heaven.

    I know he was just a dog, but to me he was so much more than that. He truly was my best friend. I feel lost now and hope to see him again someday. We had a strong bond. He was more loyal and loving than any human I've ever encountered except for my wife...


  • clarity

    Chris & Mrs .....I can hardly see the screen now from

    the very sorry sweety.


  • cultBgone

    So sorry for your sadness. I had a best-friend dog who was arthritic and feeble at 17 and I had to have him put to sleep. I think I cried harder that day than I ever had before. Hugs to you.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    I'm very sorry, Chris. All of us understand and grieve with you.


  • nicolaou

    So sorry mate. I never got my first dog until I was 40 and that was only because I finally relented to the the pressure from my wife and kids.

    But . . .

    They do become a part of the family don't they? Bonnie loves us all and expects so little in return, she's an old lady now and I'm dreading the day when we lose her.

    My sympathies bud'

  • love2Bworldly

    All I can say is WOW. You did a very loving thing but what a damn hard thing to do. I was so shocked when I read that you put the dog away with your shotgun that I started sobbing, so so sad. I am very sorry for your loss.

    We have a 100 pound white German Shepherd mixed with possibly wolf that we rescued from the pound about 5 years ago. I thought I was close to other pets but this one takes the cake-- he thinks he's a lap dog with my husband and worships my husband and he is the sweetest dog yet such a good watch dog. I dread the day we lose him.

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    Sorry for your loss.

    I have been there and done that and will probably be there a few more times in this life.

    There is nothing worse than lossing our dog friends.

    But on the other time there is nothing better than the good days with our dog friends.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    TimeBandit , I am so sorry for the loss of your best friend. (((Hugs of understanding and sympathy))).


    Feb 14, 2014 Sweetheart Juliette's ear cancer came back with a vengeance. She had the prettiest pale pink nose.

    July 5, 2014 Our dear little Sir Gaylord, abused rescue Persian that we gave the very best life to , died in the doctor's office, cuddled with love in my daughters arms.

    We miss them so very much. I like to think the 2 of them are playing together and waiting for me, when it is my turn to leave 'the dwelling of this earth'.


  • TimeBandit

    Thank you all. @love2Bworldly: I used my .45...A shotgun would have been too messy and even more upsetting. I fired three times and I'm pretty sure the first shot hit his heart. There was very little blood so I think he pretty much died right away.


  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    I have had to take two dogs on their last journey. The saddest thing is the total trust in their eyes. I know it was the right thing to do but I still feel the betrayal.

    You did the right thing mate but I really feel for you.

    I have always been strongly of the opinion that as animals pets should not be treated as humans or as one of the children. My head totally agrees but I am not sure my heart is aware of that.

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