Plastic buckets in Paradise

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  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    I remember one picture of a pretty little girl holding a plastic bucket in paradise next to a tame lion.

    I asked my wife if there is going to be polution in paradise? Of course the answer is no!!!!!.

    I asked her where did the plastic bucket come from? To make this bucket you will need plastic

    injection molding machines. The cast iron castings that make these molds can weigh up to 3,000#.

    Which means that you will need foundries to make the molds which means that we will need pig iron,

    manganese, iron ore, magnesium, silicon and sand. Who is going to dig up the paradise earth to get

    all of this stuff out of the ground? Who is going to make the earth moving equipment to dig these minerals

    out of the ground? Who is going to process the ores to get the final elements foundries need to make the castings

    that will be machined to make the molds to make the plastic bucket? Who is going to make all of the machines

    that do the machining? How are we going to transport the 3,000# castings to get them to the machine shops?

    Will there we trucks and roads? Who is going to maintain the roads? Who is going to make the road paving

    equipment? I doubt if elephants will just use their trucks to pick up the castings. Then we have the problem of

    what are we going to use for power to melt the castings for the molds and to machine the molds for the buckets?

    Are we going to have electricty or oil? Will there be oil refineries or coal fired electrical generators. Who is going to

    drill for the oil or mine the coal not to mention who is going make all of the eqiupment to do this. The picture I just

    painted sounds like what we have now. Maybe we are in paradise. Mayabe it will just be easier if we don't

    have plastic buckets in paradise. The final answer my wife gave me of where did the plastic bucket come from

    was "maybe Jehovah will just snap his fingers and it will be there." Now you can see why you can not reason with

    witnesses. They have a fairytail dream. I also wanted to know why doesn't the Watchtower show the inside of

    the beautiful houses in paradise ? Maybe because there won't be refigerator's, stoves, or running water without

    the old fashion hand pumps with outhouses behing the house. I hope that I won't get stuck with the job of picking

    up all of the lion and elelphant crap in the neighbor hood. I wish that God would hurry up and kill 99.9% of mankind

    so that I can see how that plastic bucket gets made.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Plastic buckets will "magically" appear just like manna "magically" appeared. Oh, and don't worry about the animal crap. It will "magically" disappear the way all signs of 3 million people trecking through the wilderness of Sinai for 40 years "magically" disappeared.

    just sayin'


  • Dagney


    The paradise isn't going to work.

  • blondie

    I remember asking what would happen to the concrete in the large cities; one elder said, "Oh Jehovah will give us a concrete dissolver."

  • cultBgone

    And don't forget that he will magically destroy all the nuclear materials, too!

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    Thinkg from a science fiction perspective.

    If a group of people were to live in a paradise like earth with no polution,

    They could import items from another world or another place.

    When I was young and lived in Cleveland Ohio.

    It was a steel town. The smog and poluttion was so bad you could not see the city

    from the top of the hill becaue it was covered with smog.

    Today the have exported all the jobs and steel millls out of Cleveland and from

    the top of the hill Cleveland kind of looks like a paradise with no jobs.

    I am just saying you could import a lot of things into paradise without having the polution,

    including energy.

  • BluesBrother

    I remember one picture of a pretty little girl holding a plastic bucket in paradise next to a tame lion. I asked my wife if there is going to be polution in paradise?

    Why do they put such store on the illustrations in the books? I can rember the phrase that "it is just an artist's impression of what it may be like". Now they seem to view them as an inspired window on the New World! Can they not accept that someone in the art dept. drew it or photo'd it that way using what he had. It is just a stupid picture , get over it!

  • trillaz

    Hey, maybe the girl was delusional and thought she had a plastic bucket.

    When paradise earth comes, we will forget these thngs exist becasue apparently, we will all have labotomies that change who we are. A labotomy solves all including the spouse being married to more than one person in their lifetime problem.

    Bluesbrother we can't ignore the pictures. The belief is that the art department wouldn't draw it if it weren't true or going to be true. There is always roughly 10% of WT Studies discussing the pictures and what they depict for faithful ones.

    I would almost cry when looking at the back page of the old Sing To Jehovah book. Us brothers would be able to wear beards again and wear the ugliest of sandals. The sun must not be a bother and will have rejuxtpositioned itself because one brother in that picture was so pale, he blended in with the page.

  • exwhyzee

    The answer I got to questions like that whenever I asked them as a kid was:

    "We'll be perfect in the new system and we'll have the intellegece and ability we need to do everthing in a way that won't harm the earth or ourselves. Right now man is short sighted and greedy and even if they knew how to do things without causing pollution, their greed prevents them from doing it that way.

  • steve2

    I don't want to come across as judgemental, but I'd say that the plastic for the buckets will be sourced from the very same plastic used for the lovely, smilling human inhabitants.

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