Plastic buckets in Paradise

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  • freddo

    AnnOMaly - Oh yes that is a classic!

  • sowhatnow

    I was told once by an elder, who was probably age 50 at the time.

    that all the things we have now will be used in the new system. God is not a wasteful God, he will not destroy buildings because we need a place to live, we will still have a bankng system and stores because until we re -learn to go back to the old way, we will still need to have money. we will still have cars, we will need to get around. [although at the time we did not have internet and satilite dependant communications].

    and the people who come back to life will need a place to live. and we will still meet at kingdom halls.

    however what he failed to explain was how we were going to do that if more than half the population of the planet was going to die. who is going to run the

    power grid ? whos harvesting? whos planting? ect ect. armageddon cang be too close, becasue with only 7 million jws, half of them children and a fourth of them old, theres no way they could survive in a world like that. it be like noah all over again.

    as for that picture,

    lol, I told my mom that in jesus day there is no way they went door to door, as 99 pervent of the population couldnt read or write. not to mention

    everyone went to the temple. when they could so they can be read to.

    in fact I doubt that apostle paul could either--- see what big letters i write with my own hand-----[ woo weee I WROTE letters!]

    to prove it was really him saying it and not titus.

    so that picture in the wt is impossible.

  • steve2

    Cliche comes in handy at complicated times such as these: With God all things are possible.....

  • Simon

    Yeah, the paradise in the WTS publications is very much a 'western' paradise that would rely on industrialisation to support it. Even the grass is mowed like a golf-course ususally.

    The reality of living in a fully non-industrial world would be more like living in the stone or bronze-age.

    That would be far less appealing to most people and less valuable as a sales advertisement for their beliefs.

  • stuckinarut2

    I was told that "jehovah would ensure that everything we need would remain from the old world"

    Hmmm.... so the old world is destroyed...except everything we need? Really?


    Oh and as for dead bodies...What about diseases?

    Just watch "walking dead" to see what happens to corpes left laying around..... Paradise of Zombies anyone??? hehehehe

  • Zordino

    She probably just stole the bucket from someone who was slain by J. You know, she must have Pryed it out of his cold dead hand's

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    There is one here.

    Jehovah's Industrial Era Paradise. Play Spot the Sweatshop Produced items

  • Heaven

    Plastic will be made out of Soilent Green.

  • sir82

    When the Israelites wandered in the wilderness for 40 years, their sandals did not wear out.

    When the JWs are petting lions in the 1000 years, their plastic buckets will not wear out.

  • steve2

    wow - Black Sheep, I can see two plastic buckets and a rubber ball in that paradise pic. No cans of food though.

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