Do you pay for air for your tires at your gas station?

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  • jam

    Many drivers don't know they are entitled to free air and water when they

    buy gasoline, and they end up paying extra for service, consumer advocates

    says. "I do think it is a widespread Rip-off by an industry that is already ripping

    us off at the pump" said Jamie Court, president of L.A. based consumer watchdog.

    I'm shocked that this hasn't been litigated. It's a deceptive practice that

    is costing consumers money.

  • jam

    Viviane:don't understand what you are asking. If it is free, why

    pay for it???? Did I miss something.....

  • jam

    Viviane: Do you pay extra when you shop for for food?

    Do you write a seperate check for utilites and then pay for the food?

    Of course not, it's all included in that can of beans you purchase.

    The same for gas, it's all included.

    Question, are you a owner of a gas station or work for one??

    If you don't mine paying extra, more power too you.

  • hoser

    I have my own compressor in my shop so, yes I pay for my air. Sometimes a tire shop will have a hose left outside as a courtesy to their customers.

  • Finkelstein

    As mentioned previously the service you get at gas stations these days is nothing in comparison from before.

    Some of that might be due to fact that previous owners of gas stations were passionate about automobiles in the first place and they took pleasure in fixing people cars

    and seeing them drive off.

    Now days owners are just looking at the business as just that a business.

    Drive up, pump your own gas and give us your money and drive off.

    You want air to pump up your tires, well the air station is over to the corner but you'll have to put .50 cents into the machine to get to work.

  • GrreatTeacher

    It's illegal to pump your own gas in New Jersey. I don't know whether they routinely provide services like windshield washing, air for tires, etc., though.

  • Viviane

    Viviane: Do you pay extra when you shop for for food?

    How is that relevant?

    I'm questioning what exactly the complaint it. That people are paying for something they can get for free? That a gas station is offering something for free but some people still pay for it? A lot of places have water fountains with free water but also sell bottled water.

  • Oubliette

    STATE LAW: Air and water are free in the state where I live ... for paying customer.

  • Viviane

    Yeah, I think that is dependant on where you live. That's not true where I live.

  • prologos

    I try to fair. Air is not free at the super-dicount coupon station a miser like me pumps, so

    I do my air work, our bikes, motorcycle truck, van at the stations still doing it free, then go in and by a $1-2 treat for the kids.

    when I was young, Gas used to be bought at the GARAGES, with full service (repairs)*, not just a pay vaccuum automat near the fence.

    * reading the biography of a GM executive, there was his decision in the 30s to stop all Opel dealership GARAGES to have a FULL MASHINE SHOP to make spare parts on site. GM went to interchangeable, high tolerance spare parts, and now got rid of the gas pumps, but if you drove up to the service department DOOR, you might get free air, if lucky, or good looking.

    The 'Service Industry' was really that.

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