Do you pay for air for your tires at your gas station?

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  • jam

    This was on the news this morning. When you buy gas air is part

    of the service, it should be free. So next time ask the attendant

    to flip the switch for free air if you need it. A little heads up, times

    are hard a buck for air and water.. It's in small print on the air and water pumps.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    I usually try to go to Mobil when I need it. It's the only place around here where I know for sure that it's free. I'm morally opposed to paying for air.

  • jam

    I here you, it's crazy to pay for water and air. And by the way

    is there a station that offer full service(wash windows,check oil,etc.)

    here in the states. Don't you think that would be a nice business

    venture. There have been a few times when I'm checking my tires,

    a lady will come up and ask me to help with her tires and offer me

    money. LOL

  • EndofMysteries

    As a cost of doing business and selling gasoline, by law gas stations should be required to have free air. Just like seat belts save lives, properly inflated tires save lives.

  • jam

    Damn't I hear you..not here you. I need to take a English class..

  • jam

    EndofMysteries. I believe that is the law, most people don't realize that.

    It's part of the service if you buy gas. Next time when you fill up ask if

    water and air part of your service...

  • AlphaMan

    I have an App and a tire hose attachment I plug into my phone. Go to JW.ORG and inflate tires with hot air from the GB.

  • Terry

    I've always carried a little C02 device which instantly inflates tires (less than 3 seconds!)

    I also carry a can of FLAT FIX which injects a sticky goo (to plug any leak) and C02 as a temporary fix

    until I can make it to a service station.

    I insist my daughters have these things in their cars and show them how to use it.

    Most brand new vehicles in the last several years are practically immune to flats.

    Older cars definitely need an emergency kit.

    When it is least convenient, these emergencies occur.

    Several products are on the market.

    Perform due diligence on which product you select:

  • Viviane

    The air is free. You're paying for them to provide a pump to compress it, the electricity to run the pump, the real estate for the car, the hoses, nozzle, etc.

    If you can fill your tires with the free air all around you without their pump, by all means do so.

  • jam

    AlphaMan.LOL that's a hell of a idea.

    Terry, Thanks, I still have one of those older cars.

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