Do you pay for air for your tires at your gas station?

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  • jam

    Viviane: the point, it is free they don't tell you that..

  • Finkelstein

    This is something that just come up a few years ago and quite frankly I was shock and bit ticked off.

    Whatever happen to good service at gas stations?

    I cant remember the last time a attendant asked me if a wanted my Windows cleaned or my oil checked.

    These were the things I was actually trained to do for my first Job when I was 16.


    I think the self serve business arrangement dissolved that kind of service ..

  • jam

    Finkeistein. I feel you. I remember that topic a few years ago, couldn't

    find it. There are a lot of seniors around that will pay a few bucks for

    that service..

  • jgnat

    I am pretty sure there is no law to provide free air in Canada. We have coin operated machines here.

  • jam

    Jgnat: They are coin operated here also, but they can control it inside

    the station, flip a switch and turn it on or off for you.


    People depend too much on services..

    Spend a few dollars on a small portable air compressor.

    It plugs right into the cigarette lighter..You have air anytime you want..


    .................................................................. ...OUTLAW

  • jam

    Outlaw: that's a good idea, but what about that little old lady

    from Pasadena?? She can barely drive a car.LOL

  • Terry

    You aren't paying for air; you are paying for the compression and delivery system and its maintenance.

  • jam

    I guess to make it simply, an senior citizen gas station.

    You must be over 60 to get full service...

    That would work, sounds good to

  • Viviane

    Viviane: the point, it is free they don't tell you that..

    OK, and?

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