A few questions for believers

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  • redvip2000

    "The lord revealed himself to me, that's how I know" = I'm out of ideas, so i'll come up with a facacta explanation just so i can keep the dream going.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Your thread title might have been: Questions for Bible believers.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Or even: Questions for those who believe the Bible is 100 % penned by God.

  • redvip2000

    And who are we to judge God?

    Umm i am a person who was told that there is a man in the sky who loves me along with everybody else, and is going to resolve all of mankind's problems.

    To this date, this person in the sky has done zero to resolve any problems on earth, has done zero to help me in any of my problems. This person in the sky also does not reveal itself or communicate with mankind in any observable way or answers any requests. This person in the sky seems to be ok with just sitting around in a passive way doing absolutely nothing while millions suffer in pain, while all along having the ability to bring resolution to these things with a snap of a finger.

    Guess what? I'm totally fine with judging him.

  • jgnat

    So jgnat, do you think Jesus' teachings would have been preserved orally in the absence of scripture? - nicolau

    No, I think jesus' teachings have been organically transmogrified through the retelling. We have a modern obsession with precision which simply has not existed for most of our history.

    I'll be honest, I think without the Bible the Jesus story might have been no more than a historical footnote. Could you honestly say you'd still be a Christian if you'd never encountered a Bible? I think not. - nicolau

    I encountered a Christian organization that depends on the bible to anchor it's beliefs. If it had not been a Christian organization, another rescue organization would have helped me find my way.

  • cofty

    1. A person must be willing to say good-bye to all his worldly posessions and even his own mother and father.



    Christianity is an interesting Fairy Tale as long as a person is willing to believe it. Folks, in reality it's all nonsense. There isn't any 'God' up there who is looking after us. If Jesus existed, he is long gone. We are on our own, there is no 'life after death'. All we have is the present moment. So come up to present time and live your life fully NOW.

  • MadGiant

    "So what is the basis then, if not scripture?" -

    They are modifying the myth that have somehow survived to this day. Mythologies were an important part of the development of human intellect and understanding of the world, of which we had very little at the time. Most of the major elements of the story of Jesus Christ were co-opted from other sources—some that originated hundreds or even thousands of years. All of these elements - the virgin birth, significance of the solstices, the miracles, disciples, baptism, crucifixion, resurrection.

    More specific elements like heaven and hell, the soul, holy communion and others, were all seen before in multiple ancient pagan religions. So they just invent ways to soften the myth (without scripture).


  • LostGeneration

    When God did command for some people to be killed, it was for justice purpose.

    Like all of the children killed at Noah's flood? Or the kids killed by the bear for making fun of a bald guy? Yeah, thats Godlike justice for you.

    Or how about all of the women and children killed in Numbers 31? Simply because not enough of them were killed before capture?

    Not buying it.

  • Apognophos

    MadGiant, just an FYI, a lot of those details about parallels to Jesus don't seem to be found in any historical sources. I don't have time for a comprehensive response, but see this for starters: http://www.jehovahs-witness.net/members/adult/284681/1/Religion-Comes-From-Ancient-Astrology-and-Sun-Worship

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