Posters do you know of any cases where a devout JW was DF'd for Lesbianism?

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  • booker-t

    I think this is a hush hush topic among JWs but I remember years ago at an assembly I saw two sisters(I am only assuming they were JWs they could have been studies or relatives of JWs) walking arm and arm like a married couple. Some of the JWs looked at them like they had horns. Some of the JWs moms were covering their small children's eyes and those two women were stared at like they had the plague. I remember one elderly sister just kept shaking her head in disgust looking at the women when we were all seated. I think the women felt all the eyes glaring down on them and finally after a few hours they got up and left. Do you know of any JW women DF'd for Lesbianism? We always hear of brothers getting DF'd for Homosexuality but I never hear the flip side.

  • stuckinarut2

    Pretty brazen and daring to do that at an assembly!

    Suprised they were not stoned in the car park.....

  • Quarterback

    I remember some Elders wives that looked like Lesbians. They always scared me.

  • Quarterback

    I have a Woman who looks and dresses like PeeWee Herman in my congregation. I think she is a Lesbian.

    But, how do you find out? Do you come right out and ask? Do you commend them on their choice of pants?

  • rebel8

    Walking arm in arm = lesbians?

    I'm surprised they had that reaction? There must be something I'm missing. Friends walk arm in arm sometimes.

  • ShirleyW

    I take the name ShirleyW just for the hypocrisy that's in the Borg. When I was about 9 or 10 two Pioneer sisters who were roomates moved up from FLorida to our congregation, cut to the chase, I'm a few years away from sixty and they're still roomates. Yes, I know somewhere on this planet there are male and female roomates that have been together for decades and are not an item, with these two if you saw them, you would get certain idea about them.

    There have been many of brothers and sisters who wondered aloud with the others about their status, but somehow they are still faithful servants of Jah.

  • Ignoranceisbliss

    When I was a kid a woman left her husband for a woman. She was dfed

  • SafeAtHome

    quarterback: A female wearing pants in the KH? I thought was was a no-no?

  • Oubliette

    Quarterback: I remember some Elders wives that looked like Lesbians. They always scared me.

    What does a lesbian look like?

  • suavojr

    I know of two cases and one of them is my first cousin who left her abusive husband and has a female partner now. The other was df'd but came back, my cousin never looked back.

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