Posters do you know of any cases where a devout JW was DF'd for Lesbianism?

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  • Quarterback

    SAH: This woman wasn't baptised, so she is still in the love bombing stage.

    Oub: Watch the Ellen show. You'll get a good idea.

  • JeffT

    Years ago my first congregation had a large group of young singles, we'd all hang out together. There were two women (one a regular pioneer) who hung out together a lot. If we were all watching TV or something they'd sit together with their arms around each other. There was a little buzz about it around the hall, but I don't think they were ever questioned in the back room or anything. Pioneer eventually married a Bethel boy, not sure what happened to the other one.

  • Oubliette

    QB: Watch the Ellen show. You'll get a good idea.

    Thank you for your personal contribution to the perpetuation of sexual stereotypes and also for completely missing the point of my question.

  • Quarterback

    Oubliette, don't over analyze my response. I have worked with and treated, and accepted people within the Diversity climate.

  • zeb

    when I first and very first came to the 'truth' and not having more than a cursory knowledge of gay people i thought a lot of the women in the kh were lesbians by the way they fluttered around each other never talking to any males. But i was to learn later....

    Some of the lovliest females I have met and worked with since are lesbian and some of the vilest have not been.

  • berrygerry

    Devout then?

    Don't know.

    DF'd for lesbianism.

    Since reinstated.

    (She looks good - if you want to try switching her back again, PM me for her contact info)

  • smiddy

    I personally know of a few , and I do mean a few sisters who were gay , a daughter of an Elder was one , and a couple of brothers that were gay .

    The sisters did cause a stir at the time .I presume they all were dealt with by a J.C.


  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    I know of a couple of pioneers who were DF'd (not sure if that was for being lesbians) but they were and left to live together. They were the typical butch and femme pairing.

    As for what does a lesbian look like, yes many do fit into the sterotypes of butch and femme but obviously many fly under the radar and do not fit any particuar profile.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    A sister in my old congregation got disfellowshipped twice for it.

  • BucketShopBill

    I was part of a Judical Committee in Central California, where a sister admitted she had sexual relations with another female and her sins were covered up. She had sexual relations again with other men (they pulled the old Southern Express on her) while she was going through her hypomania highs, I think she is a Lesbian but fights the urges and remains married to a very femine man, he's a pathetic creep. Classic JW couple, they had to move in with her parents because he could not support his family when she got pregnant, she suffers from bi-polar, schizophrenia and other psychological problems. I wonder how she handles life because she was happy being with a woman, she is married only to keep her relationship with her Daddy.

    Her entire family is twisted, her sister is a heavy metal groupie that never got kicked off the "list" even though there were photos online of her making the Satanic Hand Signal (Goat Horn Demon Symbol) with several "Death Metal-Satan Worshiping" Bands. Her sister is the worst type of hypocrite the Bible speaks about, I never met in my life a creepy couple that worshiped Heavy Metal Bands and remained a Pioneer, shows how Demons have infiltrated the Organization! How can these Pioneer liars hand out magazines on wicked conduct as judged by the Watchtower willfully sinning against the Holy Spirit, the Watchtower said "Jehovah Hates that kind of music!" and not realize they all were living a lie!

    I know a few men who were kicked out for homosexuality, the females I know ended up experimenting, maybe bi-sexual?

    The worst part of this story is her father is evil to all sinners, he would have anyone disfellowshiped for any type of "loose conduct" while he covered over his daughter's sins by making back-room deals!

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