BORG running low on $$$??

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  • fulano

    Strange...when I worked at a branch in Europe, at that time the magazines etc were paid for, we threw hundreds of Awakes and Watchtower in the garbidge weekly.

  • Watchtower-Free
  • NeverKnew


    JW07 says, "Only 'apostates' will be hording literature at home."

    But doesn't it feel good to know it will be preserved on a hard drive or in a cloud? Now you have garage space!

    OH, how some on this board will envy those that are "in" for the literature grab. How much do ya' think that Trinity Brochure will go for in 10 years?

  • berrygerry

    The management of magazines was always a problem for me.

    Some issues could be all placed in one day. Others were just unplaceable, and stored in the basement.

    One sister would accept the unplaceables and would often distribute 200 per month.

    That being said, still no bums in the seats.

    And going digital will make a difference - yeah right.

  • fulano

    A so called "needgreater" from a nearby island, Puerto Rico, brought hundreds of w and a in his suitcase, tot them for free in PR and sold them in dominican republic, where still people had to buy the magazines.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad

    The BOE letter says in part:

    'In this regard, we are pleased to announce that revised editions of What Does the Bible Really Teach? and “Keep ourselves in God’s Love” will be released in the future.

    Recent adjustments related to doctrinal matters will be reflected in the revised editions.....In view of these upcoming revisions, it would be good to give special attention to reducing the supply of the books that may be on hand.'

    So, admittedly, even though the spiritual food in these books is stale, old and decayed the GB still want the rank and file to place them with the public!

    More and more I'm beginning to appreciate why JWN poster, OUTLAW, often refers to Watchtower as Watchtarded!!!

  • bafh

    This isn't new. They do this every so often and especially prior to releasing revisions.

  • Apognophos

    Thanks for bringing that out again, JW GoneBad, I was thinking of repeating it for emphasis. I wasn't aware that this had been done before, bafh, I guess I wasn't paying attention. The logic of this eludes me. Why would I place a book that I might be studying with someone when I know it contains old light? "Okay, now we're on Chapter 5, but first, could you please cross out the following sentences and write these new ones in the margin?"

  • berrygerry

    "The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but -" ahhh, never mind.

    Can we have a recess?

  • steve2

    The light gets brighter...but before it does, kindly distribute to the public as much of the old publications (with the old light) as you can.

    Business rules require that efficiently distributing old product is more important than distributing new truth?

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