BORG running low on $$$??

by fader77 71 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • zeb
    "They are PURGING old literature that doesn't match up with the current teachings"
  • oppostate

    What they seem to object to is current publishers having in their personal libraries the books that may remind them how WT doctrine is as fleeting as a fart that after all the noisy hoopla that accompanies it, it makes a big stink and blows this way and that and nobody wants it. Except you force others to put up with the stench. That's how old WT literature is.


    It's obviously ok for publishers to place old publications, even those including outdated doctrines, with the public. Countless times the KM's would run a monthly campaign to place "old 192 page books" still in stock in the literature counters, even 1960's books that delved into Ezekiel, Daniel, and Revelations we would be encouraged to place in service although much of this information was seen as "old light" and no longer part of official doctrine.

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