How Often Do You Come To JWN? How Often Do You Post?

by minimus 44 Replies latest jw friends

  • haboob48

    every day!

  • haboob48

    post????? almost never! love to read jwn though!

  • abbasgreta

    One time something on here upset me so much I stayed away for 6 months. I thought about it and realised that although

    my faith puts me in the minority camp on here I have just as much a right to post my views as a Christian as anyone else.

    Hearing from all sides makes it what it is.

    I have never wished to impose my beliefs on others and have never incited deliberate upset or been abusive.

    That sucks.

  • DwainBowman

    Daily or more.

    Sometimes, I post.


  • HB

    I've never been a JW, never been in a Kingdom Hall, never studied the bible, none of my close family or large extended family are religious (they are and have alweays been atheist or not interested), BUT I read this site most days as it is one of the most interesting and thought provoking forums on the internet.

    I post very infrequently as I don't have personal experience of the JW world, but I have learned a huge amount from coming here and I like to call myself an honorary apostate, as I have learned enough now to be able to effectively debate with JWs at the door and in the street and am currently exchanging emails and debating with a die hard JW I met when I was away on a trip.

    I'm not addicted to the site and have a busy life, but it's a real pleasure to come here whenever I have time.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Look at it every day. Post once in awhile. Comment couple of times a week. Still Totally ADD

  • krejames

    I look most days on my phone. Often just quick look thru the topics and a more detailed read of the ones that interest me. I only usually post if I think I've got anything to add to the conversation - so probably not very often!

  • minimus

    You look over the years and see people posting all the time and then, just like that, they vanish!

  • Simon

    Well, people move on and that's a good thing - everyone should become and ex-ex-JW and stop letting the religion control their life. It's easier said that done of course and many people don't have that luxury if they have family still inside etc...

    Given most posters are anonymous there will inevitably be posters that pass away and, well ... how would we ever know? Some we find out about, others we never will.

    The forum is a living thing and seems to take breaths. Sometimes it's lighthearted and jokey, other times it's serious. It is quiet sometimes and busy the next. Every now and then there will be a major piece of JW or WTS related news and people will be re-engaged and eager to discuss it. Sometimes it's politics, other times it's sport.

    It's just a bunch of people after all :)

  • Dagney

    Usually 2-3 times a day. I love this site and appreciate it and all the work to maintain it.

    I was trying to find a thread for the last few days and as I went back 7-8 years I was reminded of so many people that passed through here. I'm grateful for this place.

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