How Often Do You Come To JWN? How Often Do You Post?

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  • FlyingHighNow

    I am sporadic. Sometimes I miss 2 or 3 weeks of reading or posting. Then there are times I check a few days in a row and nothing catches my interest. If I am posting on a thread or two that is very active, I might be back days in a row posting. I can go a month without posting,

  • Berengaria

    DocHouseposted 2 days ago(9/18/2014)

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    I check every couple of days or so- looking for an intelligent- or at least a SEMI-intelligent topic- and usually find none...buncha whiny Losers, it appears...

    I assume that's sarcasm with 112 posts in less than two months

  • factfinder

    I usually check jwn every day.

  • Bangalore

    I come here every day.I only post every now and then.


  • flipper

    I check this site out 3 or 4 times a week, sometimes 5 or 6 days a week. My work schedule in my business gets REALLY busy so sometimes I'll go a week or so without checking the site or posting due to being so damned busy I can't see straight. So I'll surf the top 5 pages of Active Topics to see what's currently happening. To me it's like checking out channels on a television. Instead of channel surfing, I'm thread surfing. If I see a topic I'm interested in reading or contributing to- I'll open it - if not I just pass it by. I tend to avoid threads dealing with religious views as I'll let the religiously inclined people ( of which I am not one ) debate their differences . I comment more freely on the private section threads in which people are telling their stories whether newer members or older members to show support. I'm also very interested in threads exposing WT Society corruption and injustices as I feel WT leaders try to sweep child abuse, fallout from no blood transfusions, financial corruption, i.e. Menlo Park situations under the carpet so as not to be exposed. So I'll bump those threads up at most any chance I get. People need to know. Or threads dealing with failed WT Society prophecies like the alleged " end times " or recent WT views so as to stay aware of those views so I know how to approach or deal with my still in JW family.

    This board has been a great asset to me and many others here to help them be aware of WT Society injustices AND a help to see that there are many, many of us ex-JW's trying to move on in life and learning different ways we can accomplish this. From being on this board over 7 years I was able to discover about cult mind control - something I really didn't understand after being out only 2 years or so since 2003. When I came on board here in 2007 a whole different world really opened up before me and I began reading voraciously many different books about JW's and cult mind control from a non-WT Society view for really the first time in my life ! So in my opinion THAT is one thing this board does that REALLY helps ex-JW's and others- it gives access to information in a variety of ways that assists people to make informed decisions regarding the WT Society and their way of operating. AS well as giving and receiving support with one another here.

    A big shout out and ' THANKS " ! to Simon and his wife Angharad for providing this board as a help as it's not only assisted me, but many, many others to find some sanity, support, and useful information in moving on in post JW life. I'm very grateful for what you folks have done and accomplished here . Thanks again so much

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