US World Power: Time Running Out

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  • DJS


    Excellent commentary. Thank you. We are wasting our time with Met; he is a conspiracy theorist with an obsession and desire for the end of the Western (primarily US) military and economic system. "Debating" with Met is pointless. He ignores facts and prefers factoids and badly researched and written articles which support and confirm his biases. The next time he posts on these topics I'm simply going to post "Met's greatest hits." A research of his OPs shows an obsession with E.T., aliens, UFOs, conspiracy theories and the soon-to-occur downfall of the US/Western miltary and economic power.

    It takes about five minutes of surfing on the 'Net to find his Libertarian and Conspiracy Theorist sources. Ultimately this is about one thing: Met's immature, narcissistic obsession to be proven 'right.' Admitting he knows nothing about global/macro economic theory and practical application and global/military/political strategy would be too simple. But it's the world wide web; there are dumbass views continuously poured into it, and any dumbass viewpoint will quickly collect a den of like-minded dumbass followers. I've asked him several times to conduct a 360 degree study of these topics, but he always does the same thing - gets shot down in the OP only to return a few weeks later with what he thinks is a 'gotcha' article or viewpoint. It has become a Lady Gaga Bad Romance.

    I avoid OPs where I am not an SME or can provide significantly to the discussion. If he could only do the same, the intelligence level of this site would improve immediately.

  • metatron

    Excuse me but what sort of sickness ARE YOU DISPLAYING?

    I've left this topic in pursuit of other matters for periods of time and you OBSESSIVELY KEEP BRINGING IT UP. Are you capable OF ANY DEGREE OF SELF REFLECTION AT ALL when you engage in name-calling of others in these posts? Or armchair diagnosis?

    Should I follow your habit of dismissive personal remarks instead of posting links?

    I post links - or facts that are easily found thru Google. I try to refer to mainstream sources, if possible.

    If you or Kalk wish to offer "excellent commentary" - devoid of links or facts that can be referenced- I can only feel pity for both of you.

    What sort of mindset acknowledges that there is evil in the world but refuses to believe that evil people work together?


  • metatron

    Funny how you are "wasting " your time BUT YOU KEEP THE THREAD GOING WHILE ACCUSING OTHERS OF OCD.



  • kaik

    DJS, great observation. It is tiring to read all these American bashing posts. Without USA were would be world under A.H. or who stood up to cancer of communism. All the same posts where Americans are responsible for everything bad that happened in humanity since the fall of Rome. There is Ebola outbreak in Western Africa, who is there helping? Americans! Where are these Chinese, Russians who constantly bash Americans? Who sent help to ravished Haiti, to Indian Ocean after tsunami.... This hypocricy of the anti-american crowd is so annoying.

    Metatron, I was born in Eastern Europe and spent 20 years under communism, so I know very well how horrible was this cancerous ideology that radiated from Moscow to 1/4 of humanity and killed 50 million people. I do not need you to tell me what is it, as I have a personal experience from it. I was all over the region during my lifetime, before the fall of the Berlin Wall and afterwards. I was at Ukraine as well and around the Black Sea. Several times. I know what shape was Warsaw Pact troops as my dad was a military guy in 1950's and 1960's. I do not need to hear from you. And I have also witnessed arrogancy of Moscow goverment and its conquest and rusification of my ex-native country. As long I live, I will never forget it. It is also reason why every single Slavic country has a distrust of Russia. They do not share totalitarian nature of such government that is completelly foreigner to every non-Russian Slavs. In August 30, 1848 after first Pan-Slavic congress in Prague one of the honorary member said: "Russia could be the foremost country in the world if would be free and ruled by law. Unfortunatelly it is a despotic country and for us free Slavs [in Austrian monarchy] it must be treated as our possibly the worst enemy."

    I believe in democracy, personal freedom and responsibility, and civic duties. So does majority of my former countrymen. We do not need egoistic tyrant in Moscow telling us how to live our life. Additionally, you completally mix terms. Again, you do not know much difference between NATO, EU, and West. Not every country West of Russia is member of NATO, nor in EU, nor every Western democracy is in Europe or Northern America. You clearly showing deep deficit of overall common knowledge and you try bashing others. Indeed very sad.

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