US World Power: Time Running Out

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  • metatron

    Tick Tock...... forget about that Daniel image/prophecy stuff. The process is being accelerated by trying to sanction Russia, as they draw closer to China and thereby build an alternative economic system( including a SWIFT banking arrangement of their own)


  • zeb

    so what will the wts do with all its millions?.. covert them to Yuan?

  • kaik

    Russia nor China had strenght to challenge USA and West. West was never defeated as civilization. Russian economy is too small to influence major financial channels and hubs. Moscow is not Frankfurt, London, NYC, or Tokio, nor it is a financial capital. Outside major cities, Russian countryside is depopulating, impoverished, and backward, even in comparison to middle bracket countries like Poland and Hungary. I know because I drove through there. With increasing isolation on both international arena, and economics, its economy will have hard time to sustain. Just to sheer size of Russia is a problem because it needs to provide services, transportation, bureaocracy accross so many timezones, but its population is centered along two three major hubs. West is hostile, so is south with unstable Caucasus and Central Asia. War with Ukraine damaged relationship with all its neighbor even with countries that have neutral view of Russia and almost every Slavic nation. Putin's idea to attach Ukraine and Krym to Russia did not play as well. Krym is isolated and land corridor six months into the war did not materialize with southern Ukraine. Either way, Russia is heading into another lost decade of isolation as it had before 1991.

    China does not want to get involve with Russian mess. They may cooperate, but they are hardly ally. China will not itself get manipulated by Russia against West and USA. In the term of economy, China can figure out that money are in USA and Western Europe than in Russia. Add to it long decades of disputes on borders and Sino-Russian suspission, the relationship is not that cozy. China cannot sustain its growh indefinitelly and any confrontation will reveal deep structural and economic problems of extensive growth in the past generation. All progress could be lost and China after riots of 1989 will not want to face angry masses. Russia is different because majority of population is extremely passive and politically disinterested except in outburst of nationalism. Russia did not experienced revolutions that swept communist party away as it happened in Czechoslovakia or Romania, or went through strike wave as did Poland, East Germany, and Hungary. Majority of population until the disintegration of the USSR actually loved the system. This a huge difference between China and Russia where one major international confrontation would swept both of them.

    While USA has tons of problems and so does EU, never underestimate ability of Westerners to wage a war. In past 2500 years no single civilization ever was able to conquer them. Never.

  • Crazyguy

    As long as the US has control of the money and Oil it will stay supreme..and lets not forget something like half of the GDP of China is acctually US companies buying stuff that they are having built by another US company they own in China. So its really American buying American to sell to Americans but being built by slaves in China.

  • This is my tigersuit
    This is my tigersuit

    i personally believe that sooner or later collapse will come for usa

  • Bobcat

    i personally believe that sooner or later collapse will come for usa

    I agree. And I don't buy the WT's idea that the US is the last world power. That idea is not Daniel's. It's the WT's.

    While USA has tons of problems and so does EU, never underestimate ability of Westerners to wage a war. In past 2500 years no single civilization ever was able to conquer them. Never.

    IMO, the fall from top-dog status for the US will be self-inflicted. In fact, much of the damage to their present world status is already self-inflicted. And I agree with Metatron that all this seems near.

    Having said that, the US and the West (but especially the US) has proven remarkably resilient. All the economic doomsayers (Peter Schiff, Paul Craig Roberts, Gerald Celente, et al) have time and again been off on their predictions. Yet, the economic fundamentals that underly their predictions are sound. And the economic actions the US and West have taken to stave off collapse only seem to be painting them further into a corner.

    Either way, the future looks interesting.

  • Frazzled UBM
    Frazzled UBM

    The collapse of the US world dominance is inevitable - it is just a question of time. So what? metatron is pushing his ignorant whacky agenda yet again!

  • DJS


    Glad you pointed this out and I didn't have to. Met is capable of excellent posts, but his OCD with the Western military/economic powers, which start and end with the US in his mind, always colors his views about this topic. He is always seeking news items and sources which support his desires - to see the fall of the US/British/Israeli military system.

    I will say one thing; Met is consistent. And predictable. But OCD will cause that. In the past I have responded with economic data which shows exactly the opposite of what he is trying to say, but by now it is a waste of my time. Good luck with this OP, Met. You are a smart guy; I only wish your OCD for the imminent doom of the Western military and economic system would somehow be assuaged.

    Russia and China are formidable in many ways; they are also both, in many ways, train wrecks waiting for a place to happen. That's the part he misses.

  • Frazzled UBM
    Frazzled UBM

    The problem is that metatron is preoccupied with trying to show that somehow current day events were prophecised in the Bible. This is a fool's errand. Bible passages are what you want them to be. Many in the past (going back 100s of years) tried to show that events in those days were prophecised and were a harbringer of the end of days when this was not the case.

    Another dominant power or powers will rise up in due course (maybe in a 100 years time) to repalce US hegemony and that may also be shoe-horned into interpretations of Bible passages. As soon as you want someting to be the case and then look for anything that supports that view and ignore anything that is inconsistent you are captured by confirmation bias and are incapable of objectivity.

  • metatron

    I have found recently that many of you don't really bother to read other people's posts. Sloppy but understandable.

    As for OCD, you're apparently speaking to a mirror.

    I am interested in this topic because:

    1) it disproves a current WT prophecy (based on Daniel nonsense)

    2) it leads to hope as a multi-polar world will be less driven by Western Elites towards war.

    The amusing thing is that in regard to those who disagree, I just have to sit back and let emerging reality prove my points - and the outcome, in time. A defanged US will have a better standard of living than an overextended empire.


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