Any Senior Citizens, Retirees here?

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    label licker

    Not seniors, but have been retired since forty-five and are now going on fifty-four. Life is good! I would have to say we are more busy than when we had our plant. At least we are doing what we want to do. And we are very thankful for OHIP here in Ontario. I find I am taking more trips to the doctors but so glad that we aren't billed for it. My heart goes out to those in the States where they have to pay literally an arm and a leg for there health costs. It's just so unfair.

  • mouthy

    Thank you Marina what a nice thing to say....I have lost my daughter grandkids & great grandkids
    who are still JWS( or have to obey their Gran who is a very strong JW) .And you know they NOW
    have to consider me dead.... So have NOTHING do wiith me (Cos I didnt see Jesus come invisably in 1914)
    Thank you again.Made my day!!!!!!MARINA


  • mouthy
  • mouthy

    Well you could have handed me a tissue

  • Investigator74

    Retired 9 years ago at 48 (Law Enforcement). I feel busy now than when I was working, but it is a busy I enjoy . Living off the Gulf (Tampa Bay area) is quite enjoyable as well. Member of a few clubs and occassionally hit auctions and flea markets keeps me very busy. Wish I could have did this earlier in my life. lol

  • Terry

    I'm 67 and I retired at the earliest age I could.

    I started work at the age of 12 helping my Uncle John who was a bricklayer.

    To suddenly NOT work was a shock to my whole way of thinking!

    I'd say it took me about 3 years to swim into a new CONTEXT.


    I am no longer a slave to a schedule. That's the BIG deal!

    I wake or sleep as I choose (or as weariness overtakes.)


    I eat approximately twice a day with maybe one binge day a week.


    I ride my bicycle 7 days a week a minimum of 10 miles per day. The exception is bad weather days.


    I do considerable research and I write a great deal. That seems to be a passion, so far.


    After I divorced in 2006 I had a two year hiatus from any females of the species.

    I temporarily tried casual dating for about three months and stopped for another couple of years.


    In around 2009 I tried dating again and gave up on it. I've been extremely single for 5 years.

    I see myself dying alone. If that sounds sad--well, it isn't intended.

    I had been married 4 times, fer gawd's sakes! Whatdaya want from me?


    I watch a lot of movies.

    I love Survivor and the Amazing Race.


    I use to be a Political Junkie. Now I pay absolutely no attention to any of it.

    Why? It only disturbs my sense of peace and happiness. I can electively skip that and remain happy-go-lucky.


    I use to be a NEWS JUNKIE, reading every word of the newspapers.

    Then, newspapers turned into crap.

    I haven't read a newspaper in years. Good riddance!


    I spend a lot of time communicating with fence-sitting JW's, faders, Ex-JW's and, as the opportunities arise,

    devote time to visiting terminally ill people in hospitals or clinics.


    My 7 kids and grandkids give me a ton of satisfaction. None of them is a serial killer, so far.

  • Violia

    Had to retire early due to health. It has been difficut to stop being active, I have always been an active person. My hubby then had a series of serious health events and now he is retired slightly early. ( had tiny 401, really tiny , no pension plan type job). We live on Social Security but own our home, such as it is. ( don't get me wrong, it is a roof over our head but it is old) Sad to say we won't be making any trips anywhere b/c not only do we not have any money but hubby is getting confused with driving and I have always had trouble driving and neither of us can drive at night. I quess we will live out our life where we are at. Our kids lives are in turmoil right now and it is affecting us a lot seriously. Due to marrying at age 17/20 our kids are nearly as old as us ( 45/41) . They still need our help and can't seem to see that we are getting older and it is their turn to step up. Our medical care is costly and insurance is costing us a lot. We have currenlty no insurance to bury either of us, we lost that when he lost his job. If we did not own our home I have no idea what we would do. All I can see for getting older is having to watch every penny we spend and slowly watching our health get worse. Neither of us smoked or drank or had other bad habits. Bad genes I guess.

    On the plus side hubby is active at senior center as a volunteer. He get donuts and leads a guitar lesson groups one time a week. He plays with a ping pong group 3-4 times a week. He and another lady sometimes preform at churches singing and playing guitar. I spend most of my time at home but I am keeping my mind active. I worrry about my kids all the time.

    Getting older is not for sissies.

  • cultBgone

    Had plenty saved for retirement but unexpectedy had a family, which took care of those funds and then some. I never expected to be working full time at 61, but with rising prices and no longer owning a home, I'll have to keep working for another 5 years to reap some decent social security if it's still around.

    Although living in south Florida really makes me want to be retired, I'm happy to have a fun job working with energetic entrepreneurs who are generous with their employees. I've worked through that dreadful realization of mortality we all get when leaving the bOrg and now figure I have at least 25-30 good years to enjoy this life!

  • NeverKnew

    marked. There IS life after leaving. :)

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