Any Senior Citizens, Retirees here?

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  • WingCommander

    I now live with my first born daughter, two grandsons and my son-in-law. I help them pay off their mortgage so they can fulfill their lifelong dream of . . .

    ugh! MOVING TO ALASKA and living in some god-forsaken wilderness in a cabin they build for themselves.

    I kid you not. Can you imagine?

    Actually, I think this dream is great. If you build your home right, it can be efficient and completely off the grid. Imagine having no gas, water, or electric bills? Have a simple 4WD Jeep to get into town. You wake up every morning, and look out onto nature's incredible scenery from the security of your chalet. No nosey neighbors (except curious bears and animals). Sounds like a slice of "Paradise" if you ask me. Also, I've heard Alaska's taxes or very low to non-existant. I wouldn't live up above the Arctic Circle, but Fairbanks, Jeunoa, or similar parts would be fine. I'd also settle for areas of Oregon and Washington state.

    - Wing Commander

  • Legacy


    I just turned 61, I've been here on earth longer than I have left. But I love being older....I don't care what others think...not even other JW's. I do what I can & do what I have to do. I hope to retire at 65....but you know how it make plans & God laughs....The generation gap is getting to me...I'm more of a mama at the job than a employee....Most young'ins love older folks at the job, they think they are cooler, but they aren't. Us older ones at the job, just look at the young'in and say....JUST KEEP LIVING...YOU'LL FIND OUT...

    Just call me ole school,


  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    I get on these threads way to long after the fact. LOL Me 60years old my wife 61. I married a Kitten. LOL Trying to wait until 66 to get SS. We both work but only can find part time work. We live very frugal have no house or car payments. Raise a big garden for food. Have 6 chickens for eggs and later soup. Learned how to repurpose almost everything. The only help we get is once a month a local food bank gives us some food. Right now we are working on starting a learning center at our home on herbs. The name of our business is "Love Your Weeds". My wife the herbalist will teach the classes. I also do some furniture refinishing and furniture building. Thanks to the affordable care act we both have health insurance. It cost us only $30.00 a month. We have been told our house is worth some money by a realtor. We are looking into selling it and move into something cheaper and put the rest of the money in the bank. Our retirement will be very busy working and hopefully traveling a little. The sell everything off and live in a RV for the rest of our life was just a big dream. We still have our hopes that things will work out for the better. Still Totally ADD

  • prologos

    Jam: when you bend down to pick up something from the floor, and you say to yourself: "-- what else can I do while I am down here?--"

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    North Georgia USA, 61 years old, husband working hard and I'm the home based assistant. We don't have anything to retire from, but may try to sell the biz at some point.

    Our daughter is a single mom and we help with terrific grandkid when needed. Next month will be a year since my daughter regained custody of her daughter, and they are doing well. Grandkid is enjoying ninth grade a LOT! She has several girlfriends and has been to parties and football games, she's in drama and jazz band, loves art class.

    we have been out of the wt for several years, I've had to work on deprogramming more than my husband did. He just watches sports games when he can and enjoys his life, rarely thinks about "all that hooey." We had lots of "friends" for many years; now we have well-liked business acquaintances. No socializing, no close friends and I just don't think that will happen at this stage.

    My husband has his brothers up north, I have cousins out west, the emails are nice and fun. I don't glom onto my kid but we talk a couple times a week.

    It's so weird looking old because inside we're the same as when we looked young. Sometimes we get this remark from young people, when we might be laughing together, "aww you two are cute, still having a good time after all the years you've been together," stuff like that. Two old gargoyles still able to tolerate one another. LOL!

  • mouthy

    cant remember when I retired. In fact cant remember much now, I know I am 87 was a JW for over 25 yrs,

    Had a support group for those leaving & getting the minds back.over 800 came to it. Now waiting to ":kick the bucket"

    Trouble is someone keeps moving the ruddy thing

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Mouthy you are much appreciated, you have helped a LOT of people!


  • TMS

    Able to retire 11 years ago at 55.

    Spent at least 3 years reliving my JW life in my dreams, sometimes angrily. These dreams(nightmares?) still recur, although less frequently.

    My 50 years of JW life was not a total waste, as it gave me a unique skill set.

    I started a blog several years ago on a whim. Somehow, it got several million pageviews. I live off SS, a small pension and Google adsense.

    Worked a few years as a volunteer with CASA, Court Appointed Special Advocates. . . . learned a lot.

    Learned a great deal from this website and the one before it. . . . . especially during those heart-wrenching first years of making the break.

    At peace

  • tiki

    wish i could afford to retire and have enough money to go places and do things..........hitting 65 this month......husband retired early due to disability - he was only 63..........the cost of living goes up up up up up up and income devalues.

  • AlwaysBusy

    We have a good income, mine and my hubby's SS plus he has a pension from his carpenter days, and also, military retirement. We don't have a savings, as we gave it all away, to our kids, mom and anyone who was in need. We've been married for 16 years, we met and married right after I was df'd. I go to college, he's retired, I'm retired from my job as an editor. We have great insurance through the military, and I am so grateful. I am in great health so far, and I feel like I am 30. It's so weird...we look old, but feel so young. Hubby's not well, but we enjoy life. We live 4 hours from the ocean and 2 hours from the Smokey mountains so we make many trips to both. There are many things I would have done differently, when I look back, but I try not to look back too often....there is still plenty of life left to live and enjoy ahead of us.

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