Any Senior Citizens, Retirees here?

by AlwaysBusy 48 Replies latest jw friends

  • paladin

    Still stuck in the Borganization and I retire on Septmember 15, 2014. I don't think the big 'A' is arriving any time soon if ever.

  • Decided

    Retired about 15 years ago. Didn't think ahead and used my credit cards whenever I needed something. Now in debt so bad I don't know how to get over the situation. I'm 78 years old and all my friends and relatives are dieing. Takes so much fun out of my life.

    My brother is still alive with Parkinson desease. We still have some fun each week together.

    My brain is going bad, can't remember names of things and places to well. Still enjoying living though.

    Ken P.

  • designs

    Si, but still doing some part time gigs.

  • bigmac

    yeah--me--66 and counting--wanna make summat of it ?

  • sparky1

    Semi-retired at 47 and now I am 59 years old!

    WHO KNOWS WHERE THE TIME GOES?-Sandy Denny (Best version by Judy Collins)

    Across the purple sky, all the birds are leaving

    But how can they know it's time for them to go?

    Before the winter fire, I will still be dreaming

    I have no thought of time.

    For who knows where the time goes?

    Who knows where the time goes?

    Sad, deserted shore, your fickle friends are leaving

    Ah, but then you know it's time for them to go

    But I will still be here, I have no thought of leaving

    I do not count the time

    For who knows where the time goes?

    Who knows where the time goes?

    And I am not alone while my love is near me

    I know it will be so until it's time to go

    So come the storms of winter and then the birds in spring again

    I do not fear the time

    For who knows how my love grows?

    And who knows where the time goes?

  • Mum

    66 and semi-retired in 2007. I've been living rent-free (but helping with expenses) with my daughter and son-in-law for 2 years, but they are splitting up. It makes me sick!

  • AlwaysBusy

    I love old folks.....didn't so much when I was a kid, but now that I am 63, I think we are a bunch of cool, awesome and fun people. Retired at 60, but am in college, again, and have a small photography business and am happy. Time is flying by though, wish it would slow down a bit. I'm still in the org (sort-of), but don't understand it now, and always wonder what happens to the money they collect, and can't beleive some of the ridiculous things that are being done and said, hate the df policy, hate the poverty of some of the folks, I feel sorry for them. And yes, the world is crazy. I hope you are all happy and healthy and thank you for responding...I love to hear from old people. Peace

  • Quandry

    I am 62 and would love to retire, but since I bought into the borg wholeheartedly when in my early 20s and did not complete my education, I did a lot of low paying menial jobs for many years.

    When I "woke up" and realized that over thirty years had passed and I'd let others do my thinking for me, I decided to get back on track. I went back to school, got a degree in History, and started teaching. Now, I must work a few more years so that it will count toward retirement. My husband is retired, and we would like to travel once I retire, if I am not too stiff to move.

    At least I can think for myself (until the brain gives out) and enjoy my weekends. Yes, time does seem to fly by.

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    I retired at 59.

    I am now 62 the time goes to fast. That is the worse thing.

    But it was going fast also when I was working.

    I have been playing soccer 3 days a week since I retired.

    I never played soccer until I turned 59.

    The soccer wears me out keeps me tired but gives me something to look forward to.

    I will play until I get too hurt.

    Then I will go back to my first hobby making music. Which I still do but it is 2nd to soccer now.

    My wife still works and has 2 years left. She gets 7 weeks vacation a year.

    She takes me on several vacations a year.

    We are going to the keys. Key West next month.

    I do miss work. I worked at the county jail and it was fun and interesting.

    But I am not going to live forever so I have to stop now and play until I die.

  • momginny52

    Just have retired after open heart surgery in July. I turned 62 in January 2014. Right now I am still recovering from surgery, but am looking forward to having better health than I have had for several years and a lot I want to do during retirement. I have 4 grandchildren and want to spend a lot of time with them while I can. They are the high point in my life. Also travel with hubby is big on my list. Life is good. I have been away from the borg about 8 years and life is very, very good!

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