Copy of my DA Letter

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  • Phizzy

    I agree with all who have praised the letter, it is truly excellent.

    I never thought about it before, but what is the point with taking issue in such a letter with the false Doctrines ? they will change in no time, the writer will still be DA'd, and looked upon as foolish by the Dubs for not " waiting on Jehovah".

    The unargueably accurate thoughts expressed in this letter will stand until the WT/JW "religion" is no more.

  • stuckinarut2


    well written.

    short, sharp, to the point.

    not long-winded...

    all the best for your future life!!

  • Fernando

    Welcome airborne, and thank you for sharing and posting; especially your DA letter.

    In my humble opinion, and from my personal perspective, this is the best DA letter ever, and on so many levels.

    • Articulate
    • Well considered
    • Respectful
    • Balanced
    • To the point
    • Brief (1-page max)
    • Very hard to forget/ignore/rationalise
    • Factual
    • Insightful
    • Plain
    • Simple
    • Renders ignorance inexcusable
    • Irrefutable (without compromising honesty and good ethics)
    • Unapologetic
    • Fearless (Matt 10:32,33)
    • Duty of care (to warn)

    What are your thoughts of making copies available to every JW you know?



    SEQ, Australia

  • jwfacts

    Excellent letter. Though short, you manage to incorporate so many powerful and thought provoking points.

  • WingCommander

    No doubt about it, probably one of the top 5 DA letters I've ever read, as it is short, to the point, and hard-hitting. An Elder reading that one will be punch-drunk.

    Welcome to our site. I did much as you did right around 1999. Typed "Jehovah's Witnesses" in the Yahoo! search engine and couldn't stop reading. I was 19. I am still learning incredible details about this twisted cult I was born and raised in. It's maddening at times how dupped we all were.

    - Wing Commander

  • LV101


    I'd love to copy and send to a few of the cult's clergy/rank&file class.

  • XkhanX

    Great. Those scriptures prick my conscience n I DA too in February. I no longer can be loyal to a man made organization. Christ words keep ringing in my ears n my conscience was pricked. Great to be set free!

  • jgnat

    I like it a lot. You exited your way. May you find the way to new friends and fresh experiences away from the WT's influence.

  • NVR2L8

    Welcome and great job on the letter. I may soon need to write something along the same lines...Lately my wife has been bringing salutations from some of the "friends" and elder when she returns from the meetings. I may have reappeared on the radar after being left alone for 4 years.

  • airborne

    Thanks everyone for their supportive comments.

    BucketShopBill--I will probably be attending the one church I mentioned since they believe in salvation through the grace of Jesus Christ alone and have wonderful music. I was really sick of all the boring and mindless Kingdom Melodies in the new songbook praising the Governing Body.

    Fernando---I appreciate your comment, however I emphasized to the elder that I didn't want to cause any problems in the congregation. I told him if anyone called me, however, that would be different. He understood. A lot of the "friends" are in such denial that it seemed to be an alternate universe at the kingdom hall.

    Anyone who wishes to use this letter for their own purposes please, please, please do so. My intent was to stand up in a kind but firm way to the bullying tactics of the Watchtower Society.

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