Have you ever read the review of Steven Hassan's books on Cult news.com?

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  • Oubliette

    Londo: But it is not unbelievable that millions can be influenced, because dictatorships use the same methods of influence to control their population.

    And it is for that reason that it is not inappropriate in common parlance to refer to movements like Nazism as a cult.

    The APA avoids the use of the word "cult" because of its derogatory nature and imprecise meaning. They replace it with the expression "new religious movements," which, to my mind, is even more problematic.

    Many of these NRMs are NOT high-control, authoritarian groups which was the implication of the word "cult," and a lot of them aren't "new"!

  • Londo111

    Soviet Communism is another example of a national cult.

    The best alternative for the word cult is ‘high control group’, which works as its own definition.



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  • TJ Curioso
    TJ Curioso

    Oubliette, infortunatly is not in english.

  • Oubliette

    I can read Spanish and Hungarian. Any chance it's in either of those?

  • TJ Curioso
    TJ Curioso

    Nop... it's portuguese


  • Oubliette

    Não é bom. 
  • jgnat

    So Enzo has no practical alternative to Hassan's materials to offer. Hassan's work is perhaps not as scholarly, but very helpful in my case in understanding my cult member and helping him break free.

    Enzo: A question,: In America there are between 2 millions-5 millions people involved in approximatelt between 2000-5000 Religious cults. Are all these people subject to mind control? are they all influenced against their will?

    Are all the religious cults you mention "high control groups"? Because that is really what I am concerned about here. America also has high control groups that are not religious in nature at all. For instance, there's Amway. Others have mentioned totalitarian regimes that temporarily held entire nations in their thrall. My rough estimate is that one in a thousand people is vulnerable to the WTS's message to the point of baptism. Then there's the children of cult members. They are involuntary members, also put under pressure to conform. Sure, a child of a Witness is free to leave the organization at any time...as long as they are willing to forego any relationship with their family. Is this free will, or is this coersion?

  • Enzo

    Hey ignat: I appreciate your comments, and your question: First of all I have given an advice of good literature in one of my preview post..on your question of there is coercion involved by children of JW? I will first search Court Cases where coercion with Children of JW where involved, And look if this was accepted by a court ruling... And then I could give my personal view about it.

    About all those Americans involved in Cults, I don't think they are indeed involved all in destructive Cults.. Ii's too easy to make overstatements without Scientific based evidence on it.

    My conclusion: There is no one size fits all method of mind control, even if there are Coult- experts preaching the contrary: To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln:You can control some people all of the Time, or all people some of the Time, but you can't control all of the people all of the time...mind control is not total: It's possible to be partly mind controlled( the fact that people can be freed of destructive cult is a good example) There are a lot of mind control tricks ,exposed in a lot of books written by Cult-experts, but not all are required: There isn't a checklist that says you must meet all 4, or 50 requirements to be considered mind control: To control you only need to do what works...and at the end no one is immune for mind control, not even me of you, after all we have read, and learned about it..sure we can buld up defenses, but even then I and you, can be suscetible at some point...

    I thank you all of you who participated at this topic, but remember you have all the feedom to have your opinion on the issue of mind control.. This is my rational analys of mind control..

    and now happy to see the release of I-phone 6 from Apple? Am I using due influence now? LOL,

    arrivederci.. friends.. Enzo, take care of you

  • jgnat

    No, you haven't given me alternative book choices. Remember also I am looking for books that would be used by someone like me to understand and reach out to a loved-one who is a cultist.

    The courts (especially American ones) stay out of religious affairs and membership. You will find custody battles where a JW and non JW parent will argue on the raising of the child (in and outside the religion) and where some activities may result in harm, the courts will rule.

    Enzo: "There is no one size fits all method of mind control"

    I am sure. But there are time-tested methods of coersion that works on many people, especially if they are already invested in the cult or if a child is born in to the cult. Zimbardo and others have found that people will go against their best instincts to conform.

    I take from your arrivederci that you have had your fun and you have tired of our little discussion board. Good-bye.

    I'll stick around to support exiting Witnesses, those in love with Witnesses. To make the transition that much easier.

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