Have you ever read the review of Steven Hassan's books on Cult news.com?

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  • Oubliette

    Richard_I: Anyway, there is lots of criticism against Steve Hassan, Wikipedia even has a section on it,

    Did you read the "criticism" section on WP?

    To be fair, it only criticizes Hassan's involvement in two forcible, "involuntary deprogramming" attempts in the '70s. Hassan himself abandoned that method and has repeatedly "spoken out against involuntary deprogramming since 1980."

    How many of us can say the only criticism anyone can level at us is something we did over 30 years ago and which we now openly acknowledge as the wrong approach.

    It's a non-issue.

  • Oubliette

    From WP:

    "In 2009, Steven was invited to the Amber Alert Conference by the Department of Justice (DOJ) to explain why victims like Jaycee Dugard and Elizabeth Smart denied being who they were, and failed to use opportunities to ask for help. Law Enforcement officials such as police, FBI, Attorney General staff from many states, as well as other victims of kidnapping attended the conference."

    That official DOJ publication describes Hassan as "One of the world’s foremost experts on mind control" and as a "Licensed Mental Health Counselor."

  • jgnat

    What of the blogger who runs cult news? What is his background?


    I indeed would be interested in any resources out there for people like me who have loved-ones trapped in a cult.

  • cultBgone

    Oubliette - 1

    Enzo - 0

  • jgnat

    Is enzo suggesting some sort of PR arrangement between Cedars and Hassan? I am pretty confident that no such relationship exists. Cedars runs his own show.

  • Oubliette

    jgnat: What of the blogger who runs cult news? What is his background?

    As far as I can tell, Rick Ross has no formal training in mental health or psychology, but took a personal interest in the field as a result of an experience concerning his grandmother.

    Ross and Hassan were associated with each other through the Cult Awareness Network (CAN) in the 70's. CAN was bankrupted over a law suit as a result of their forcible deprogramming methods. Scientology bought out and took over CAN.

  • Beautiful Dreamer
    Beautiful Dreamer

    Snap, Enzo. Both times I wrote Enzo. Repetition helps not only with indoctrination into a cult, it also helps autocorrect to recognize your name, Enzo!

    Is there any correlation between the two? If you think there is you may be reading too much into it.

    What were we discussing?

    Whether or not Steven Hassan is court recognized.


    you think Cedars is promoting Steve Hassan as quid pro quo.

    Do you or have you ever networked? You meet colleagues in same or similar fields, etc. Steve Hassan was part of a discussion of undue influence with Cedars/ Lloyd Evans, Bo Juel Jensen and others ( not all JWs) that were cult victims who have some knowledge and first hand experience, etc.

    You were asked to name some books on the subject but you offered a site and not a personal recommendation.

    I've read Hassan's books. While I think they offer good information, there's no promise or guarantee that his methods are 100%.

    Enzo, have you ever seen a movie you've liked, read a book you've loved, had a dining experience in a restaurant or traveled somewhere that you couldn't stop talking about because you wanted others to experience it too?

    People who recognize they are in/ have been in a cult look for answers how they got indoctrinated and/or how they can help their family/ friends out. His books offer answers, not necessarily all of them for everyone, but answers nevertheless.


    Enzo, what's your point?? You are blabbering about Court "experts" on cults. To what end? What makes you think these " experts " give a good goddamn about cults, or stopping them?

    You are judging the "construction contractor" because he is not an "certified architect". Do you catch my drift?? Steve Hassan is saying what "IS". There is a difference between a recently graduated architect, or one who only draws, and a real world Technician who knows what "works". Think of your architect as a "concept" man, like a fashion designer. Then you have someone who actually knows what normal people will buy and wear. There are lots of neat and tidy scientific ideas and phrases that fit into a neat little package. Then you have reality, which is seldom tidy because the rubber has to meet the road.

    Just because Court Expert so-and-so, went to Such- and -such University, it doesn't mean they have any real world experience.

    You can call something pseudo-science if you want to. It doesn't make it so, it can simply mean that "expert" Scientists are not really that interested in something at the moment. Sometimes one "expert" will dismiss something off-hand and his acolytes run with the football for years, all because Proffessor McKnowitall said so. One court "expert" does not de-bunk advice and observations from someone who has been in the belly of the beast.


  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    You sure this isnt just spam for his website? (cult news)

  • Enzo

    Hello to everybody,

    To London 111: My purpose to join these site is not to discredit others but to encourage members to use their critical thinking, when they analyze the methods being promoted by recognized Coult- expert. Is this wrong? I don't thinks so.. But I think that you have a problem to accept criticism. I suggest you to work on it..And yes if Steven Hassan is your savior, with his methods, and others on this site I have no problem with it. But from my part i accept only cult-experts recognized by a court. and by the way the question to reccomend a book was not you. i will give that answer at the person in question..

    oubliette: where is the answer to my question: Is Steve Hassan a recognized Court Cult expert?

    Good night from Europe..

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