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  • flamegrilled

    Bummer! Sorry to hear that. I know the feeling as it happened to me but a little differently. I had an expensive bike chained up. Thief stole the saddle only and not wanting to ride home without it I left it chained that evening which was a stupid mistake. (I had had a couple of pints which may have impaired my decision making ability.) They came back and took the whole thing later.

    When I replaced it I started to do what jgnat's son does if I had any doubts about the area. But to snatch it right in front of you ... I think I'd have got caught out the same.

  • humbled

    It is a particular pain to have the thief look you over and still rob you. More personal. Rotten to loose your transportation and have to buy it again. Maeve

  • Dis-Member

    Terry put one of these on your next bike.. you will never lose it again.


  • prologos

    flamegrilled, after a couple of pints, liters, you should not be RIDING your bike, the thieves perhaps did you favour, you could have been killed riding like that.

  • Terry

    I have to confess to reliving the event and contemplating revenge fantasies.

    Now that is ugly--but, satisfying!

    I've been going over the possibilities.

    1. Bike chains are okay, but a person with a pickup truck or van can lift your bike and drive away.

    2. Removing the front wheel is good, but once again, it can be lifted and carried off.

    3. Plastic explosives under the seat. Yeah--I really like thinking about that one!

  • Finkelstein

    I use a 4 ft. long metal thick cable with a key lock, if you wrap the cable around a post thiefs wont bother because they can see how hard it would to break it.

    I leave it in a side bag along with my tire repair kit and pump.

    New bikes are attractive to theifs because they know they can sell it for some quick cash.

    Actually some manufactures (NORCO) make bikes with a dull black paint just as a deterrent to thievery.


    Hope you get your bike back.


    I don't suggest taking the matter in your own hands but some people watch for bike sales on Craigslist and have found their stolen bike there.

    Make an appointment to see if the bike is yours by someone else since you've been identified by the thief, like a woman for example wanting to buy a bike

    for her son. Go see if the bike is yours , then phone the police.

    Good luck

  • Dis-Member
  • Terry

    I actually thought about putting a tracker on the bike. But, you know what--it is what you DO which counts

    and not what you THINK about!

    It is sort of like thinking, "I should do X out of charity for that person over there" and then driving away content without

    how lovely the thought was.

    Sigh . . .

    Maybe I should have yelled, "I'LL PAY YOU A HUNDRED BUCKS IF YOU BRING IT BACK."

  • Dis-Member

    Learn to do what you think!

  • poppers

    Several years ago someone stole my hybrid, but it was recovered a couple of days later. It's a sickening feeling. I know someone who had her $3000 bike stolen right out of her garage. She checked Craigslist and a couple of hours later found it for sale. Not wanting to alert the police since he knew where she lived she ended up paying $300 to buy it back.

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