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  • prologos

    You did time in the big house, your name came up, and the police and the inmates need each other for the continuing government pay out.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    My brother recently had just his seat stolen. He rode his bike to a nearby thrift store, and wasn't in there for more than 15 minutes. When he came out the seat was missing. The things people will steal, I guess.

  • Splash

    Have you thought about taking up jogging?


  • Terry

    I use to jog. That was way back when I lived in Redondo Beach, California.

    The weather in Texas is much different. The heat index this summer has bestowed some 106 F. days.

    I'm 67 and the impact on my left knee makes running too problematic.

    You use a different set of muscles when you bike.

    What I liked about bike riding was that it got me where I wanted to go and gave me a good workout at the same time.

    Fresh air, sunshine and exercise combined keeps me healthy.

    The downside of bicycle riding is the horrible danger. There are very very few bike lanes here and those are filled with broken glass!

    I've had cars and trucks actually go out of their way to scare me. At least twice people gave every impression of wanting to kill me!

    It isn't a perfect world. I won't kid myself.

    I underestimated what it would take for me to lose my bicycle.

    I never thought a guy would look me right in the eye and grab it away.

    I was within inches for a few seconds. If I hadn't been wearing my backpack I could have caught him.

    Now that would NOT have been pretty! My adrenal glands were pumping gallons.

    From now on, I'm going to sit down and give a long think to ever possible scenario and how I will handle it.

    Today I'll call the local Pawn Shops for a head's up.

  • WingCommander

    I'm sorry, but you got robbed TWICE. There is no way in hell that that bike is worth $650.00 USD. No freakin' way. So whoever you bought it from robbed you first. That particular Diamondback is not worth that.

    Here's a bike I highly recommend with good components and an affordable pricetag. Won't ROB your wallet either at the checkout. Not sure if you have a Target around you, but if not you can find it other places.

    Here's a hybrid (shocks, bigger tires):


    And here's strictly a road bike:


    Both of these below $400.00, with Shimano components at Target. I'd also highly recommend Trek cycles. There are a few models below $650.00 that are heads above any DiamondBack.

    - Wing Commander

  • jgnat

    This sucks big time.

    My son's primary mode of transport is his bike. He takes his seat in with him to the store. Or a seat and a tire.

  • blondie

    I live in a bicycle hub, most in US. Even have red bikes that are free to use and return. People still get their bikes grabbed from them but resist registering them. Once a year the police dept has a sale of all the recovered bikes...

    Sorry it happened to you, Terry. Wingcommander has some good ideas.

  • Separation of Powers
  • fiddler

    I got a bicycle as a 55th birthday present to myself a couple of years ago. I know how devestated I would be if it got 'jacked' as my son calls it. He just had his jacked a couple of weeks ago because he left it unlocked somewhere. I hope you can get it back.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Sounds like the theif needed a bike at that moment and likely dumped it as soon as he got where he wanted. Keep an eye out for it in the vacinity, in parks, alleys or even at garage sales. Check at the police station or put up missing bike signs in the area. See if your town has some kind of social media where you can ask for people's help to find it. Keep your sales receipt and that photo with you so you can prove it's yours.

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