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  • Terry

    Three months ago I had to stop driving my car. It wouldn't pass inspection and it would cost about $3K to get it up to par.

    Well, it's a 98 Honda Accord with about 179 thousand miles on it, what did I expect?

    Anyway . . .

    I decided I would switch to riding a bicycle instead.

    It has worked out fairly well.

    I put about 10 miles a day on it. That's about 300 miles a month.

    It keeps me healthy and active.

    So, this evening I was riding home around sundown and it was about 99 degrees. I had drunk all my water and I stopped

    at a Whataburger to fill up my bottle. I was never more than ten feet away from my bicyle and had my eyes on it the entire 5 minutes.

    Well hell!!

    As I'm walking up to the door to exit I notice this guy making straight for my bike.

    He was about 28 years old, clean cut, black trimmed hair, anglo. He grabs the handlebars and I yell, "HEY!"

    I thought he was goofing around and I wanted to let him know I didn't appreciate it.

    He yelled, "Hey" right back at me and threw his leg over it and starts peddling away!

    I yelled "HEY!" and he smiled and yelled, "Hey" mockingly as he took off right across the street.

    Well, shit fire!

    I was wearing my back pack with my laptop in it. I couldn't run after him.

    I followed on foot about a quarter mile and lost sight of him.

    I dialed 911 and within fifteen minutes I had four squad cars! Wow.

    It was not a good neighborhood, I have to say that.

    I gave my description of Perp and Bike and filed a report.

    I asked why so many cops.

    They said they would cover the neighborhood prowling in and out better with 4 cars in case they spotted him

    and tried to maneuver away.

    I was impressed!

    I have to say I feel really bad about this for three reasons.

    First, I never should have left the bike unattended right in front of Whataburger even though I never lost sight of it.

    Second, I'm stuck on foot without transportation now. That bike was $650 bucks. That's a lot of money when you live on Social Security. I only have myself to blame. I'll have to save up and buy another one. And by thunder I'll never leave it unlocked again!

    Third, I really didn't think this thing through ahead of time like an intelligent person should have. I know good and well there are people who

    are opportunists for crime. They simply see an opportunity and go for it.

    It galls me he saw me not four feet away and knew he could get away with it!

    I'm sort of glad I didn't catch him. It would have turned out badly for both of us.


    Tomorrow I'll call the local pawn shops and alert them to call me if he tries to pawn it. I'll also call the neary bicycle shop to give a description in case he tries to buy some sort of accessory for it. I'll call the police station too.

    One of the policemen said he remembered a notice about a bike thief who had been released from jail not 2 weeks earlier. There have been 2 stolen bicycles in the last two weeks.

    I told them I'd like to see his mug shot--I could certainly identify him.


    Well, I'll just have to settle down now and stop kicking myself in the ass for being an idiot!!

  • clarity

    Really nice looking bike Terry, so sorry

    this happend to you.

  • Dis-Member

    That indeed really sucks Terry, very sorry to hear this story especially when it's one's main mode of transport. I know just has this feels as have had a few nice bikes stolen in my time.

    I had a completely hand built Claude Butler Specialised Touring bike get stolen once.. in today's terms it would be maybe a £3,000 bike. I left it inside a public library while I dropped my books off for less then 30 seconds and it was gone. I was utterly gutted.

    Your not an idiot at all, these things happen, sadly we have to develop often the painful way the awareness that we are surrounded often by not very honest or nicest of people. Hope you manage to get some kind of replacement soon.

  • Finkelstein

    Sorry to hear that Terry , I've come to learn that even when going inside a store for a couple of minutes is all it takes for someone to grab a bike and ride off.

    I lock my bike up every time I leave it unattended.

    Don't give up hope that it wont be returned to you, the police are aware of the theft.

    If you can one day search yourself in the area the thief rode off to, they usually head to their home base.

  • prologos

    so sorry for your loss. I have absolutely no patients with criminals. I recommend making a disabling device mandatory in the saddle that will do the permanent job when a theft occurs. we do not want criminals to breed.

  • objectivetruth

    Nice Watch - Your lucky he didn't get that also.

    P.S. Do you workout?

  • new hope and happiness
    new hope and happiness

    The police collect so many bikes stolen and dumped mainly from friday and saturday nights.As most are unclaimed they sell them off once a year and you get a real bargain. Unless of course you end up buying your old bike back.

  • Balaamsass2

    Sorry. Put a smallreward and photo on craigs list. His druggie friends will rat him out for $50.

  • TheOldHippie

    So that is how it is living in a police state. 4 cars for one bicycle thief. If someone steals your car, they send in the Airforce?

  • stuckinarut2

    It all happened because you left Jehovah and his organization....

    Its divine payback for being an apostate didnt you know?

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