Come on! Tell it like it is. People are LYING when they tell you, "I've read the Bible."

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  • sparrowdown

    You would never know the people who pinky-swear read the whole bible

    word for word, because they are all still in a boredom induced coma.

  • JeffT

    I've read the entire Bible all the way through in three translations (King James, NWT, and NIV). I've read the NT in two more (New English and The Messenger). I've read parts of it in the Amplified Version and New American Standard.

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    I've read the bible cover to cover...a few times. So have a number of my family members...a few times.

    Bethelites are required to read it cover to cover their first year at Bethel and then have to notify their overseers and every nosey Bethelite who

    The pained look on the newbies' faces leads me to believe that most were making a sincere effort.

    What an excruciating waste of time.


    Reading something because you are told to and actually retaining what you read are two different things. The MAJORITY of dubs have not read the bible. Hell, the Elders in my KH don't even read the CD Library.


  • hoser

    I dont know how an elder can claim to read the bible and still believe in the religion. You only have to read to genesis chapter 3 and it all starts to come apart.

  • cult classic
    cult classic

    Is Terry talking about retention? I missed that in the op. I'm confirming that I and several family members have read it cover to cover. I have a few friends (JW and nonJW) who say they've read it cover to cover. I believe them.

    I don't know anyone who claims to have total recall of the entire bible. Except Fred Franz and this guy on 60 minutes ( I forget his name).

  • rebel8

    I guess I'm a liar then.

  • Balaamsass2

    Bethelites were required to read it completely during year one. I have read it 3xs. Many old timers have read it through. Few modern Elders and publishers have.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I read but I do not know Koine Greek. Reading the entire Bible is useless. The books were written by themselves. It wasn't the way the Witness taught. They won't acknowledge discrepancies. Why are there four gospels if only one counts? I learned to ask hard questions. When I started reading the NT for a course, I thought it would be very easy for me after all my Witness suffering. It was not easy.

  • kaik

    I had read it through the course of several years. By the time I got into the end, I forgot much of it from the OT. In the 1980's we studied bible every week, we have to go through three four chapters and discuss it among us. We had only one or two WT print so bible was the only book we had access at that time. I think there is a huge difference between reading it and studying it. I read War and Peace which by itself is a huge literary work, but I do not remember much o it.

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