Does anyone live by any Bible stuff?

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  • punkofnice

    Dawg - I guess I mean anything in the Bible that strikes a chord mayhap?

    Gary - I guess if anyone claims to live by the bible they either cherry pick bits they like or go totally ott and live like extreme cultists.

    Is there an inbetween?

  • bigmac

    why are the things i like either immoral--illegal--or fattening ?

  • blondie
  • designs

    When camping go in the bushes far away dig a hole and poop.

  • KateWild

    I dont drink, gamble (apart from lotto), fornicate, do any drugs, steal or lie.-WMF

    Well done WMF, but the celibacy is a bit extreme. Being promiscuous is not dignified and becomes mechanical with strangers, but finding someone while we're still young is okay. All the other things I agree with, I do drink also, but in moderation.

    Kate xx

  • OnTheWayOut

    I put forth as a statement of truth from what I have learned that NO GROUP OF PEOPLE EVER LIVED BY THE BIBLE. I mean, no Jewish state under the Mosaic Law ever existed- maybe a handful of priests tried to do it. The "Law" was written down after the "facts." When the Jews were in Babylon, it was put forth to them as "the good old days" under King David and Solomon. Those kings might have (even most likely) existed, but the people under them were polytheists and did not live by those complicated laws.

    And Christians might be trying to live by Jesus' words, but there are varying interpretations of what that means. Jehovah's Witnesses try to live up to men's interpretations of what was supposedly said by Jesus, but really serve the GB rules set according to a tyranical Old Testament god.

  • outforever

    stuckinarut2 : good comment - forgot about that scripture: haha

    I did the bible thing when I left: churches etc: went into healing stones: budda: angles: East way of thinking: meditation: said there is no right or no wrong way of living: now left with the thought that there is no god: so live in the moment.

    No bible stuff!!

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I am proud to strive to be a good Christian. It is very different from being a Witness. I take most matters with a grain of sand. No one can censor me.. They may not agree with me but I don't have to agree with them. I am a sophisticated urban person. There is no reason to apply fundamentalist principles.

  • cofty

    Anybody who actually lived by the bible would have the moral compass of an Afghan warlord.

    It is a guide on how to live in the Iron Age. The christian gospel is dehumanising; you are not born in sin and need apologise to nobody for being human.

    We get our moral code from thousands of years of social evolution and we then read the bible throught that filter. Believers then find ways to justify or excuse the disgusting parts of the bible, while gving credit to god for the bits that they already knew were good.

    No I don't live by any bible stuff. Where my life happens to coincide with anything in the bible is simply because it was written by fellow humans, all of whom were morally inferior to the majority of modern humans.

  • Ucantnome

    I pray

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