Does anyone live by any Bible stuff?

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  • sowhatnow

    katewild i never personally thought any thing from the bible applied to modern day man.

    i live by good principals but in todays world we seriously cant remain in the same time period as early christianity.

    the do to others as myself is pretty much what we need to practice.

  • Clambake

    I consider myself Pro-life. Not that protest outside clinics or cover my cars in bumper stickers or anything.

    I have found myself in arguements before and people would say things like " Does your magicial man in the sky control womens bodies ". Till this day I can't really tell you what the bible really says about the subject, nor do I really care. I have just seen what a 22-24 week abortion looks like and it is freakin evil man.

    It is kind of like you when see that Awake " Children who put god first "cover. I actually told an elder that once, I consider he at about the level as an abortonist making children walk around with those blood cards. He was a pompus prick.

    Now where do we get our moral code from ?? I am just saying I don't think it is all bad. Just the cults.

  • LisaRose

    I still try to live the fruitage of the spirit, love, joy, peace, long suffering, kindness, goodness, faith, mildness, self control. Well, except for the faith part anyway. I think you could junk the rest of the bible and try to live by that and do pretty well.

  • Batman89

    I dont murder or steal. And i plan to have multple wives lol

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    Lately, I have been trying to live my Matthew 7:6

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    Ditto what Cofty said. If I do, it's purely by coincidence.

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog


    The christian gospel is dehumanising; you are not born in sin and need apologise to nobody for being human.

    Thanks for posting that. It confirms my original observation about your "christian" past and the "other" gospel you recieved. As a christian (not JW) for over 45 years now, I have never felt the need to apologise to anybody for being human. Jesus took that need away.

    Is that what you thought repentance was about?

  • BizzyBee

    Did the God of the Bible live by the Bible?

  • steve2

    Pick and choose wisely for some of the lollies are lethal. Religious nutters love the book.

  • LV101

    BLONDIE: Thank you for the 'Ghandi' link - really enjoyed reading and will copy.

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