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  • cultBgone

    I'm still wondering which people literally "kneel, kiss and pray" to rock bands and money.

    Idol worship can, and usually does, involve worshipping something by giving it undue reverence and a prominent place in one's life. Certainly the zeal with which the jws are personally promoting the blue box symbol qualifies as a form of idol worship or idolatry.

    jws were not even supposed to wear watchtower symbols or Jah-jewelry showing the Tetragrammaton but now there's been a huge flip-flop and this symbol is being promoted like something created by Madison Ave, which it probably is. Jws are NOT preaching the good news of gods kingdom but are promoting a website.

    Were Jesus still be in it, he'd be turning in his grave.

  • stuckinarut2

    I've said it in another thread, but here it is again:

    matt24:14 (revised revised new world transliteration of the jw.org)

    "this good news of the website will be preached in many parts of the earth, and then the end still will not come"

  • redvip2000

    DocHouse: your condescendation is hilarious- keep flaunting it.

    Just proves that reading the Watchtower doesn't teach you grammar.

  • respectful_observer

    Here's a new one I hadn't seen yet...

  • Zoos

    DocHouse, you've been naughty. Go say 10 Hail Faithful Slaves and 5 Our Websites.

  • zakharijah

    "5 our websites" ROFL

  • DocHouse

    Sorry- this site made me wait a day before answering again!

    Like my words, eh? "condesendation"; being condescending!

    Stevie, that's what I do as I expose all the coprolite!

  • stillin

    Well, you can't argue with cognitive dissonance. Dochouse, you may simply be in denial. I appreciate your loyalty to a concept but I really recommend further thought and investigation.

    meanwhile, back at the ranch...

  • cultBgone

    So my friend's daughter had a new job orientation today but she blew it off to go out with other dubs and post selfies with hashtags about "historic month" and "jw.org" and they are holding tracts that say "where can we find answers to the big questions about life?"

    The saddest thing is that they have zero concept of reality yet think they know everything. So much wasted energy. So many wasted lives.

  • joe134cd

    Doc house I had a photo of a famous football player on my bedroom door. I didn't worship or bow down to it either. In fact I had the pic because I liked the photo and also enjoyed the game. Needless to say I succumbed to pressure by my JW Elder, Uncle to remove the idolatrious symbol off my wall. I now wonder would this same JW Elder, Uncle be so quick to say the same thing if the poster was JW.org

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