JW.Org Blitz

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  • BluesBrother

    You want lapel badges (pins)? Someone organised these unofficial ones:

  • jgnat

    Cadellin, I love getting tablets in to the hands of seniors. They can Facetime their grandchildren. There are other great apps they might enjoy. I put a tambourine app on mine, for instance. Never know when you might need a tambourine.

    Computer literacy can be great for these older ones. Expose them to the wider culture, and away from the meetings. Heck, they can quietly play with an app during the service.

  • dmouse

    I was on holiday in Amalfi, Italy, in June. I was amazed to see a delivery van with several big JW.Org stickers front and back.

    They looked professionally produced and I wondered if the society were making them, or local brothers?

  • zakharijah

    Here's what my bro in law did at the beach the other day....

    Thankfully this one is only temporary....

  • respectful_observer

    Of course it is idolatry.

    Although it is nothing new, JWs have idolized the GB for decades.

    This is just dialing it up a notch.

    Of course it's NOT idolatry. Christendom practices idolaltry...

    Jehovah's Witnesses do not....

  • zakharijah

    What about that one....

    (Found here > http://www.pinterest.com/deetabug/international-convention-gifts-2014/)

    Yes indeed, you are fanatics!!!

  • DocHouse

    I don't go door to door to promote the WTBS, nor their website- and never will. I don't have a tablet, either.

    But, I LOVE the TRUTH; men do dumb things!

  • DocHouse

    This nonsense about the icon being an idol is ridiculous. We neither kneel, kiss, nor pray to it. Is THAT all you can do with your tiny, little minds?

  • Magnum

    DocHouse, according to your words, you're an idolater, too. If JWs have the truth, you should be promoting the Sovereign of the Universe, not "the WTBS". JW.org, the WTBS, Bethel, etc. are all different JW idols.

    edit: I read your words wrongly. I thought you wrote that you do "go door to door to promote the WTBS", but I see now that you said that you don't.

  • Splash

    DocHouse This nonsense about the icon being an idol is ridiculous. We neither kneel, kiss, nor pray to it.

    But it IS venerated.

    It is the symbol placed most prominently on every Kingdom Hall (or soon will be).

    It is the subject of our modern door to door preaching.

    There is literature printed with the aim of marketing it.

    There are presentations and demonstrations given on how to promote it.

    It is a primary topic in our meetings.

    The GB are producing videos all about it, for the publishers to share with the world.

    It is used for Family Worship nights.

    How long before it also appears on the Year-text poster that is hung in the front of the kingdom hall, before which the congregation bows its' head in prayer?

    Just take a look at all of the convention goers proudly displaying their jw.org badges, pins, brollies, lucky charms, and tell me honestly that you don't see it being used as an idol.


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