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  • Theredeemer

    Since so much info can be found on the internet concerning the JW past, directing people to a website is brilliant. Householder has a question-direct to JW.Org. Householder has conversation stopper-direct to JW.org. The sheep have less of chance screwing things up by talking to much if all they have to do is say "Please visit our site for more info concerning this question". If one person out of 100 actually visit the site, it would probably be better odds than witnessing.

  • frankiespeakin

    All magazines printing will gradually be phased out and replaced by downloads onto a PC, or other devices and so the information war will now move to the internet. Printing these mags are a huge waste of natural resources and a finacial burden to this soon to be made obsolete end of the world propaganda cult.

    The Governing Body is slowly comming to terms with with the information age and their delusional pipe dream of being God's Earthly Organization, no matter how you slice it they are getting ready for the garbage heap of irrevelancy.

  • sporece

    Once again i think it's all about money.

    Let the website tell them about the good news of the kingdom and not waste 100's of million of publications that end up in the trash and does not bring anyone to the organization.

    They know that 99% of those baptized are those raised in the religion and brainwashed from day one by parents.

  • Vidiot

    This is it, people.

    The so-called "strange directions that may seem impractical" that the WTS has been psyching the R&F up for...

    ...are the orders from on high to help turn "Jehovah's Witnesses" into an e-religion (as Barb Anderson put it).

  • WTWizard

    To display this logo in this way is no better than someone displaying a cross (which is a symbol of Christ, and before that it was a symbol of the Zodiac). And what about the ban on having bags with advertisement at the Grand Boasting Sessions? They do not like people displaying McDonalds or Burger King bags--which are trademarks of those respective companies. Yet they go around proudly displaying the washtowel site logo and call that any better?

  • Emery

    I've been thinking about designing birthday party hats, naptkins, cups and a birthday cake with the JW.ORG theme and logo. Would make for a great aposta-birthday party.

  • UFCFan

    I actually saw JW.org jewelry during my three days in hell convention...

  • Listener

    Many JWs are embracing this change as if it is their very own golden calf.

  • rip van winkle
    rip van winkle

    Everything old is new again!!! Idolatry is back in style. It's so JWorg 2014 chic!!

  • Cadellin

    Just had an interesting convo with my elderly super-zealous parents. The ministry is "completely changing," and it's all about using tablets now. In fact, there are classes being given on how to use a tablet in the ministry (anyone else hear of this?) I think this is locally, like at the local assem hall. So now my parents are trying to decide if they need to buy two iPads or if they can keep using their Samsung Galaxy and just buy one new tablet but all the JW apps seem to be for iPads, etc. etc. Keep in mind that while the parents aren't destitute, they are pensioners on a very limited budget. I see what's happening--publishing paper mags is a huge expense. The WT is in the process of drastically limiting the amount of paper printing it will have to do and shifting the expense of information distribution to the publishers.

    Oh, well, this is very exciting for my parents, who have lived their whole lives expecting the big A any day and right now, really don't have a whole lot else in their lives. In a way, I'm glad they are still so zealous as the religion has lent a lot of meaning to their golden years, even if it is illusionary. Okay, now I'm depressed.

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