Weird crazy rules imposed by your local Elders.

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  • Pistoff


    "Now, the "no boots for sisters", especially on the platform happened in our cong too! The elder who imposed it said "sisters shoud not wear thigh high boots! Only prostitutes wear those!"

    Well, it sounds like he is an expert on what prostitutes wear!

  • FirstLastName

    As a teenager I recall the rule: no nail polish that is not pink or red. Clearly the God hates the other colors he created, because red and pink are much more natural colors for your nails !

  • NoRegrets

    There was one neighboring congregation to ours that had implemented a "no-slow dance" unless you're 16 years old rule. Ever hear of anything along those lines? And, oh yeah, there was a lot of chatter about colored dress shirts, especially being worn on the assembly platform. One nice elder used to get a lot of pushback for all his colored dress shirts then he got his comeuppance when the younger new CO came to town and NEVER wore a white dress shirt! How sad......


  • LongHairGal


    I always wondered if any of the elders in my hall were behind the bias I saw against people who work full-time. While I know there were other busy-bodies and stupid born-ins who gossiped, I always wondered if any particular elder was in on it as well.

    I remember a stupid CO who made a remark that people should only do housecleaning.

    Now....I am glad I am not there and don't have to listen to endless appeals for money and hard-luck stories of people who lived on the edge because they preferred to pioneer.

    All these people who criticized me behind my back for working full-time can go ask somebody else for money.

  • OneEyedJoe

    There was never anything quite on the order of what some of you guys went through in my congregation(s). Though I've only been in 2 for any length of time.

    My childhood congregation did have rules regarding a minimum time in the ministry if you wanted to carry the mics (which, at the time, I saw as a disincintive to go in the ministry - you mean if I don't go out 6 hours this month, I don't get to stand for the whole meeting instead of sleeping/daydreaming in my seat?)

    Oh, and one brother in my childhood congregation once proudly related a story about how he and 2 other elders continually denied a study who wanted to get baptized because he didn't wear a suit jacket to the meetings. They also refused to tell him why he'd been denied, but when he asked one of them would simply remark "you know, I don't think I've ever shown up at a meeting without a suit jacket on." He seemed pretty proud of how he handled the situation. That's one mindset I'll never understand - the elders who want to make a rule for some reason but realize that there's no scriptural backing so they have to mistreat people and subtly imply the rule until people fall in line. Do people really have so little going on in their lives that this level of effort is justified?

    I've heard of other congregations that had rules on sport coats on the stage, cowboy boots were also a no-no there.

    Apparently there's a rule at my current congregation that you have to give lots of comments in order to be used as a reader on the stage. Bummer for me, I just loved getting asked last-minute to read that weeks indoctrination material!

  • jam

    While driving your car in field work when you come

    to a stop sign, count 5 second before you continue.

    I guess that's a good idea, but we are not kids...

  • blondie

    My family told me about a new CO who showed up at his first visit at every congregation with

    a plaid suit jacket

    khaki pants

    pink shirt

    white buck shoes with white socks

    and a trout tie.

    He asked if Jesus gave a dress code in the bible............those were the old days when the WTS didn't have them by the short hairs

  • RubaDub

    Brothers were only allowed to masturbate when looking at pictures of sisters whose life stories appeared in the Awake.

    Rub a Dub

  • BobFlanagan007

    @RubaDub - Or the young lady on page 93 of "You Can Live Forever In Paradise On Earth"...

  • kairos

    I was relieved of my stage duties by the overseer because my black suede dress shoes were not shiny.

    It bothered me, but I ran down into the audience and traded for a shiny pair with a buddy of mine and was "good to go".

    Funny thing was, the stage had a raised wall that obscured the view of anyones legs from about mid shin down from anywhere in the audience.

    No one execpt those on and back stage could see my shoes. I could have been wearing bunny slippers and no one would have been the wiser.

    So encouraging....

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