Weird crazy rules imposed by your local Elders.

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  • sarahsmile

    And never drive a new car or classic cars!

    Although your playing kingdom songs,turn your radio down before entering the parking lot!

  • DwainBowman

    The suit rule only applies to the Public talk, and Memorial, not sure if the letter said Memorial or not! But I well remember that the letter spelled out "Public Talk". In the congregation I was in, we went over that letter in a ms & elder meeting. I still can hear head jerk elder saying "We can all read between the lines here, what the gb is really saying, is all brothers on the platform myst wear suits! " and that stuck for year's!


  • Stormcrow

    Several years ago a PO lectured me about a suitable motor vehicle. He droned on and on but it was worth it for the punch-line : " It is unscriptural for a sister to ride a motor-bike." After I picked myself up off the floor, I asked him if he thought I ought to ride my horse side-saddle. He took me seriously and graciously gave me permission to ride astride. That put me back on the floor laughing my head off again.

  • Phizzy

    To paint an alternative picture, as I came from a notoriously rebellious and liberal Congregation, ( which is probably a lot to do with why I stuck it out for so long), I cannot recall any such rules in our Congo.

    One legalisic minded Elder, new to our Congo. tried to implement the idea that every Bro going on the Platform should wear a Suit.

    He was firmly told by the other Elders, "We will have none of that nonsense here". For many years I gave talks, including P.T's, wearing just a smart jacket and appropriate trousers, I did not own a suit.

    Edited to add, I did have a shirt and tie on too.

  • Balaamsass2

    Before the big exit....I only wore sport coats and colored shirts so I would stop getting tapped to give talks at the last minute....sorry suit. lol!

  • stillin

    I was assigned a talk on the TMS during CO week. I was aware of the letter regarding suits for public talks so I wore a decent jacket, tie and slacks combo since it was the school. After, the CO told me he enjoyed my talk but the sport jacket was out of place. "We're not sports!" I said "why not?" This threw him for a bit but of course he pointed how, yes, the actual rule was for public talks but "by extension, men who are reaching out will wear a suit every tine they have any part."

    his was grey

  • Julia Orwell
    Julia Orwell

    I had a witnessing partner who was early 70 years old to my 28-29, a married pioneer of the opposite sex. I was told I couldn't go on calls with him as we'd be alone together and it would set a bad example to all the 18 year olds who were 'courting'. As if!!!

  • Pistoff

    In our hall, they tried to implement the suit only rule for all talks, no exceptions; when they finally came around to asking the youngest elder on the body, who had not yet voiced his opinion, he paused a bit and said:

    "I think we should forget this and get on with shepherding the flock."


    " By Extension ", LOL!!!!! One of the WTBTS's favorite cult phrases. Yes, by extension you can make almost anything seem based on the bible. The dubs routinely forget what thier own holy book says about man directing his own steps. When you ignore the context of a verse and start adding "extensions" you go beyond the things written. Legalism soon follows.


  • stuckinarut2

    That is a great reply from him, pistoff!

    I had forgotten some of these! Thans for the reminders...

    3 door cars = unspiritual people !! Haha

    Suit's on platform. Oh yep...that's still in force!

    Now, the "no boots for sisters", especially on the platform happened in our cong too! The elder who imposed it said "sisters shoud not wear thigh high boots! Only prostitutes wear those!"


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