Weird crazy rules imposed by your local Elders.

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  • stuckinarut2

    We all know the sort of thing....

    In many congregations, specific "rules" creep in...introduced by the local Elders that become set in stone.

    Years ago, I heard of a congregation that SAT down during the first song of the evening but stood for all others (the co changed that very soon after)

    Then there were the older accounts of congs that had rules to make the public speakers wear only white shirts...

    In one cong now, I heard that brothers can only be used for sound or microphones if they do a minimum of 5 hours per month in the ministry!

    Another cong has ruled that all appointed men must pioneer for at least one month each year in order to remain qualified.

    Any other wacky self imposed rules you all know of out there?

  • DesirousOfChange

    In one cong now, I heard that brothers can only be used for sound or microphones if they do a minimum of 5 hours per month in the ministry!

    FIVE HOURS? That's what we used to call a WEAK publisher.

    That's not much committment for someone who thinks the world is going to end imminently!


  • blondie

    Brothers on the stage must have black dress shoes, like wingtips. No casual black shoes, only black socks.

    No bowties, no wide ties, not thin ties, no string ties, no ties with cartoon characters, fish, baseball logos, etc.

    No suitcoats (unless you are poor sometimes not even then)

    Only white shirts (that phased out eventually)

    Sisters cannot wear dark or wild nail polish (until an elder's wife debuted her black nails)

    Only one hole pierced in each ear lobe (not official WTS, one elder called the service desk)

    Sisters must be able to bend over and show no cleavage (elder's wives would check)

    Parents cannot bring coloring books and crayons for their kids, no toys

    No ballpoint/ink pens to children

    No minor children can go to restroom unescorted by an adult (after a couple of floods)

    No children playing outside the KH (especially unsupervised) can't let the neighbors think worshiping God might be fun

  • stillin

    One elder insisted that the attendants not include an attending DF'd person in the head count.

    the COBOE told the brothers doing the announcements to never say what the Sunday talk was going to be or who was going to give it because that might change at the last minute.

    There were strings for a while blocking seating in the back 3 or 4 rows

    this 30-second comment thing has the Pharisees on red alert!

  • millie210

    NO chewing gum

    No wrinkles in your clothes if you are going to be on the platform

    No local flavor in your speaking mannerisms (such as saying "ya'll" in the south)

    Music turned to very low volume to force people to sing louder(?) actually the opposite is true

    No cowboy boots on platform - or any other dress western wear

    Shouldnt watch TV on meeting nights (announced from platform)

    Cant read information board except for before or after meeting (not during if you happen to be passing by)

    and my personal favorite: NO mirrors in the sisters restrooms (might encourage primping) we used to see this one carry over to assemblies too, anyone remember that?

  • Magnum

    This rule thing used to burn me up. Some time ago when I was an MS, I was given by the PO a form to use when serving as chairman for the Public Meeting and Watchtower Study. I was told in a very stern tone "use it." I looked at it and could tell it was not produced by the org - just something somebody in the field produced. I refused to use it.

    Funny about the cowboy boots (mentioned in a post above). The same PO mentioned in my first paragraph made a rule outlawing cowboy boots. Then a circuit overseer came along and wore them during parts at a district convention (he was actually the convention chairman - head of the convention). Soon after, the PO was wearing cowboy boots during parts.

    Other rules: Never work alone in service (clearly contrary to org instructions). Do not sit in backrooms during meetings. Do not sit on back rows at KH. Do not call anyone "brother" or "sister" unless baptized (clearly contrary to KM question box). If take break in service of 15" or less, do not have to stop time.

  • sarahsmile

    Years ago a higher up local elder shunned my brother because his shirt would not stay tucked in. George Burns would gossip about him after the meetingsk. The problem with this area is they are guilty of worshipping elders. The Burns men next generation followed daddy! Too dumb to not get out and growls at anyone that does not match up to theur janitorial status.After all only janitors can make the time for KH godship. :-) They were in their own world! At least they can brag about that high school education.

    Elders look around the KH as if they are Almighty God,J. They make rules then watch who dare to walk in and break them! :-)

    Cult Within A Cult! Our way versus the others! LOL

  • ducatijoe

    No running in the pool area

    No jumping in the pool.

    No diving in the pool.

    No float devices in the pool.

    No glass containers in the pool area


  • Oubliette

    In addition to the insanity listed above, I'll add this:

    Anyone with a 2-door car was obviously not "service minded" and therefore did NOT qualify for "privileges."

  • Balaamsass2

    No colored shirts. Only suits on the platform. Shoes must be shined. No side burns. No sitting in the rear 3 rows. 6 hrs for ANY assignments. No picking up of magazines for absent or ill people. No "weak" ones at gatherings. All bookstudies are ASSIGNED to feed Sunday speaker. No socializing or food after bookstudies.

    Bethel had LOTS of weird rules. No jeans at breakfast.

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