Weird crazy rules imposed by your local Elders.

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  • Bye bye birdie
    Bye bye birdie

    1) public reproved people may not have friends nor be invited anywhere until they start answering again.

    2) dfd people MUST sit in the back ...although this may have changed since that recent article

    3) dfd people cannot hang out with other dfd people or they won't be reinstated. (Bad association scripture)

    4) no pooping in the pool

  • Godsendconspirator

    ^number three is crazy. They kick you out and still want control over you.

  • losingit

    No boots up to the knee for sisters giving parts on the platform.

    Skirts must be passed the knee while giving parts on the platform.

    Why? ... It gets the brothers imagining the shape of the sister's legs.

    I'm serious! An elder actually told my ex-husband this after I gave my first part as a publisher. LOL

  • Bye bye birdie
    Bye bye birdie

    Ok not to derail the original subject...but why the hell do JWs feel like they are corrupting anyone's mind with shoulders and knees? Seriously don't these people live in the real world? Just driving down the street you see such skin !!! And their knees and shoulders! And some cleavage too! Sigh.

    How do these highly sexed men drive safely with all that eye candy from the outside.....

  • BobFlanagan007

    @ ducatijoe - You forgot "No petting" and "No bombing"

  • digderidoo

    Announced by the CO at the Circuit Assembly, sisters should not wear light coloured or thin skirts that could be seen through. The test was to get a torch, shine it through the back of the skirt between the legs, bend down and if you could see light the other side then it was unsuitable for a Christian sister to wear. He actually moved away from his lectern and demonstrated how the test should be done.

  • losingit

    The brothers really are that sexed up in their imaginations. Apparently, at the last hall where I was, the brothers were able to figure out how to look under a sister's skirt as she slid into her chair to give a part on the platform. No lie! I remember one brother talking about it when we were at his house for dinner! Horny mf'ers SMH!

  • millie210

    All this talk about skirts made me remember another one.

    NO jeans skirts! Bad, bad, bad! (apparently)

  • ShirleyW

    No boots up to the knee for sisters giving talks? Can someone please tell me how Jehovah would be displeased with that, along with no television watching the night of the meeting, really ??

    I never knew that only wearing ankle boots and not watching TV on the night of your meeting would get you everlasting life in paradise

  • Oubliette

    Only suits on the platform.

    Sorry, that's from the Governing Body, not the local elders, at least in reference to public talks. If the elders tried to impose it for the TMS then that would be a local issue.

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