Commenting At The Meetings---Did You Enjoy It?

by minimus 53 Replies latest jw friends

  • jam

    mimimus: you in that pretty green dress, sisters didn't

    mind when you comment about their outfit....

  • applehippie

    Yeah I enjoyed it- until I realized I wasn't supposed to go off script and answer something not in the literature. Then I gave up because I knew then I was not to be giving my own thoughts or making xonnections that they hadn't put in the study. Broke my heart, to be honest.

    I have not been to a meeting since about 2006 or '07. I can relate to others who recall being passed over for comment. I knew they were avoiding me, and I knew it was because I wouldn't just repeat what was in the paragraph. I always taught my kids to "say it in their own words" and they were passed over too.

  • minimus

    Jam, u r weird

  • Bye bye birdie
    Bye bye birdie

    I remember when my privledges were removed...... I hated commenting, the school, demos, ect ect .....

    Are they privileges if you hate doing it? It is like suspending a child since they miss too much school.

    Good Times.

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