Commenting At The Meetings---Did You Enjoy It?

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  • minimus

    Regarding my mom, she used to put her hand up for EVERY question, it was annoying because she would get pissed if you didn't pick her!

  • ShirleyW

    OneEyedJoe - Started to say how that's amazing that they didn't boot his ass from being an elder or being a brother, but I remember a bro in our hall that no matter when he gave a talk or made a comment if there was any way to work any mention of sex, he always did it !! Everyone was aware of how unappropriate he is, but they finally found away to remove him from being elder like 50 years after of his unappropriate comments and talks.

  • prologos

    I always enjoy commenting for it is always possible to slip in a side-ways thought that shows how wrong/ridiculous or old/light the proposed question is.

    Only later will the brighter ones, or the conductor realize they have been had.

    If wt writers can twist ideas to their advantage, so can we.

  • minimus

    We had an old ms and pioneer regularly same something against Jews and blacks, often calling them the N word.

  • undercover

    Hated it. Loathed it. But to show that you were 'reaching out', and especially so, once you made pioneer or MS, you were expected to comment at least once a meeting. Another one of those unwritten, peer pressure 'rules'...

  • SecretHeart11

    Minimus, my mom is the same. Gets really upset when she can't answer more than 15 times a study.

  • apostrate

    Years ago I knew a "brother" who was relatively young, maybe in his 30's. He had some severe health problems, though. And when he answered at the WT study, you'd think he was going to give a fifteen minute talk! He seemed to have no sense of time. He was the type, as they say, ask him for the time and he will tell you how to build a watch!

    And he put his hand up to answer quite often. In fact, it was quite amusing to watch as the WT conductor would deliberately try to avoid calling on him! He would usually get called on only if no one else was raising their hand! It never failed to amuse me watching the conductor try to break in and cut him off!

  • minimus

    I did enjoy the oddball comments from the more eccentric ones.

  • howdy

    Most of the times commenting was something I wanted to do and enjoyed, at times a little nervous about it, but I always enjoyed hearing others comment. That was when we could speak from the heart but the last few years and even more now, comments from the heart are discouraged (almost forbidden) as study conductors are less likely to call on you if you do not stick with the "printed answer" which is usually contained somewhere in the paragraph and what they want to hear reitterated back in your reply. Often it is contains a perspective I cannot entirely agree with. Commenting required much caution because the information being covered offered a shallow or incomplete and sometimes entirely wrong understanding as I see it. Hearing others gulp down the so called spiritual food as if it is "meat in due season" turned my stomach so much I went from LOW to eventually NO meeting attendance as of 2014.

  • quellycatface

    "You say it best, when you say nothing at all."


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