My frist email letter from my JW Dad. So sad...

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  • fredPotato

    If The End will come at a time no one expects, then it is never coming.

  • kaik

    For 2000 years Christiants think that they end will happen within their generation. Every single generation between the time of Nero and today had seen themselves as the last generation. Years, after years, decades after decades, after many generations, biogeneis, era, and centuries. If we could see into the future and humanity is still alive, there will be still a group of idiots who will insist that the End is about to happen.

  • freddo

    Dear Dad,

    Great to hear from you! How am I doing? Just great! let me tell you about all the good things going on in my life.

    (List them ... all of them)

    I've attached some photos of the grandchildren and they all send their love too. We'd love to come and see you some time or have you and Mom over to visit with us. How about we arrange that real soon?

    Now thank you for your concern about the end being very soon; I've been thinking real deep about that and I just wanted to say two things.

    1. Nothing of the last days approaches the misery of WW2; Vietnam of the 60's and 70's doesn't come close. The Twin Towers' destruction, while deeply shocking resulted in the deaths of a few thousand. In 1945 in Dresden 25,000 died in one bombing raid. In Hiroshima 150,000, in Nagasaki 75,000. Even London lost 40,000 to the Blitz of 1940/41.

    In total over 60,000,000 died in WW2; there is nothing before or since that hits that grand scale of human misery. WW2 ended almost 70 years ago. The last days are far far better now than they were in 1940/45.

    2. Luke 21 vs 8.

    I feel this verse of the Bible has been ridden roughshod over by those who claim the end is soon. I think of how the end was coming in 1914, then 1925, then WW2, then 1975, then the generation of 70 or 80 years starting in 1914 ending in 1984 - 1994. Even now there are books on Watchtower library which say that the end will come in "our twentieth century" (Know Jehovah ... Ch12 p216 para9).

    I am sorry you have devoted your whole life to believing the end is "very soon" or "just around the corner", I truly am. I implore you to enjoy your remaining good years and to see good for all your hard work.

    Let's meet up real soon.

    Please give Mom a hug, your ever loving etc etc

  • suavojr

    Thank you all for your great comments and for your words of encourangemet. I do have hope that my parents can wake up to reality but it is really not up to me. A little background about me, I am still in and slowy trying to let go of my responsibilites inside the congreation. I know… I can just stand up and leave, but I don’t want to do it that way. My family deserves an explanation and the day will come when I wil sit down and tell it how it is.

    Right now my first step is to drop the pioneer title, next will be to decline the elder’s appointment that is coming next month and later talk with my wife about how I trully feel and if I have to lose her, so be it!

    I know that I will be shunned and marked as an evil person but it is either that or live a lie for the rest of my life. I am not going to make that mistake.

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