Who Really Profits from the WTBTS?

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  • Freedom77

    FULANO - I'm not the one saying those things, I just gave the link to the website that does say those things. I have never been to Bethel, so I don't know first-hand. People can read it and make up their own minds.

    Now fuck off, judgmental hot-headed asshole.

  • fulano

    Thanks freedom..so when they make up their mind, they have to fuck Off? Nice!

  • Apognophos

    Although fulano is being overly defensive about this, it's true that these reports of luxurious living for the GB simply do not accord with the experience of those of us who worked at Bethel or visited there frequently.

  • RichardHaley

    I have seen both ends of the spectrum at the low levels of the society, from DOs down. DOs and COs take a vow of poverty and a long time back were forced to give up their motor-homes/5th wheels and room in publishers homes. That didn't last long and then apartments were being built in each circuit for them. So pretty much everything the RF struggles for is provided for them.

    One DO really impressed me at an elders mtng at our 2day convention. He was one of the best speakers I have ever heard and a real down to earth person. A few of the elders were doting over him with complements each out doing the previous with praise and he said, in so many words, You brothers paid to fly me out here, put me up with great accommodations, feed me well, buy my clothes etc. I had better give good talks. That is All I have to do! I do not have to worry about anything. So knock this stuff off!

    The other end of the spectrum was a CO who was serving our congregation and was passing around and offering for "donations" gemstones that he cut himself. The guy was a real pompous arse, and I confronted him about it in front of a group of publishers he was working during lunch.... this guy also tried to get me to make up stuff for an assembly part.

    I would imagine at the upper levels we should expect at least some shenanigans and abuse of funds going on by some one or a tight group of individuals. Past that who knows. With the WTS track record as far as doctrine/prophesy, white washing their own history, and dishonest editorial, name calling/demonizing, abuse of the membership when it suites them and lack of transparency it wouldn't surprise me if things were much worse.

  • ducatijoe

    You really call that living the American Dream?

    Those of us who are out are living the American Dream!!!

  • JWdaughter

    If anyone knows John Grisham-in his stories, there are always convoluted plots going on and people scamming money in ways that they are getting away with and without one or two intrepid attorneys, would get away with impunity forever.

    Do plots like Greshams exist in the real world or are they the inventions of conspiracy theorists? I agree that it sure looks like a lot of money with nowhere to go. There is an interesting phenomenon though-all the people that leave the org usually tell what they know. They must have a large accounting and financial department-why don't any of THOSE bethelites quit or get DF'd?

    Which brings me to the question to ex bethelites-do they do that inhouse or do they send it outside the org folks altogether? Cause it seems to me, no matter how honest they were, if there were JWs involved, any who left would be telling. Most of us have authentic crappy experiences with the WT, but we will also admit to things that aren't' categorically awful. Some of us have some good memories, or knew authentically good and kind folks. So, it seems that if any JWs had been working in that area, that some would have SOMETHING to say-good, bad or indifferent-if they managed their money in house to any degree.

    Unless they are paid very well to never speak. . . ? I don't know. Got any other ideas, folks?

  • fulano

    If things would be as freedom suggests, don't you think Raymond Franz would have mentioned it in one of his books?

  • Fernando

    For me the ultimate hidden player is the god of religion who is desperate to hide the liberating gospel message from us.

  • KiddingMe


  • Vidiot

    fulano - "If things would be as freedom suggests, don't you think Raymond Franz would have mentioned it in one of his books?"

    Pretty sure Ray wasn't privy to everything

    Besides, Ray was given the boot thirty-ish years ago.

    A shit-ton has changed in the WTS since then.

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