Who Really Profits from the WTBTS?

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  • Freedom77

    Like they say in the movies, "Follow the money." The thought occurred to me the other day - the WT scam rakes in billions of dollars, and yeah some of that goes to operations and equipment. But Bethelites at farm and factory get only a bare little dorm room and a monthly pittance. Even the GB and their meek little subservient wives have, if I understand it right, only little apartments hardly better than the dorm rooms. The various WT societies and corps don't pay dividends to stockholders, or I've never heard that they do. And so I got to thinking - what's wrong with this picture?

    Any other outfit with assets and revenues like they have, Somebody or bodies way up at the top or out to the side would be living mighty high on the hog, with high-class luxury 24/7 - penthouses, beach houses, private jets, limos, diamonds, pearls, champagne, party girls and rent boys, and on and on and on.

    Is it really possible that all this vast effort and organzation is only for a few clueless old men and their submissive slave-wives to live in cramped little dorm apartments, with not even a Rolex to show for it? REALLY? Even ordinary Catholic parish priests in the US make out better than that, my Catholic friends tell me.

    I'd like hear what others think, if that's all the good the money does for anybody at the top. Seems so unlike what usually happens at the end of the cash flow in any other outfit, secular or religious.

  • kramer

    People dont profit, as you have laid out the GB and the top dogs probably get a little more comfort, but people arent making private profit out of this organisation. The property deals in New York, soon to be in London and smaller amounts in other cities, will be one off hits, but thats it, for each $1bn thats about $120 per publisher, not a huge amount.

  • EndofMysteries

    Ever heard of charities where 99% of donations go towards the marketing firm who happens to be owned by the president of the charity? In which case diverting the charitable money to himself?

    There are millionaires in the org due to being the suppliers of materials, or contractors, or hall remodelers, etc. Also the GB get to do first class everything, travel the world, etc. There are many who are profiting.

  • quellycatface

    Be very interesting to find out, hey??

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    My take on the Org thing is this; it's a global, non-profit charity organization, which is run in a pyramid formation. Raking in million$/billion$ every year simply means that those at the top get the 'cream' - better accomodation at HQ, first class air travel, cars, & hotels, as well as "first class" personal gifts from their devoted worshippers! These are the perks of being at the top.

    They will also receive excellent free health and dental care - ad infinitum - unlike the lower ranks who will be viewed as a drain on resources.

    In summary, none of the hierarchy in the WTBTS ever need worry about money or expenses for the rest of their lives - they're living the American dream!

  • flipper

    FREEDOM 77 - It's a lot more convoluted than you are aware of. And as you stated, " The various WT societies and corps don't pay dividends to stockholders , or I'VE NEVER HEARD THAT THEY DO. " I capitalized your last statement because that's the key phrase. Most JW's or ex-JW's are NOT informed about the WT Societies monetary adventures and are totally kept in the dark on purpose about shifting millions of $$$$$ . That's by design. wT leaders do NOT feel they owe aNY financial information to rank & file Witnesses.

    I chatted several years ago on the phone with a deceased GB members DFed relative and I was told that indeed the WT Society had HUGE financial holdings in other corporations and that the GB were just puppets on a string or front men for the money men at the top of the organization. Men who DO NOT believe in a Paradise, some of them non-Witnesses who indeed ARE benefitting from this WT organization after 135 years.

    If you research the Internet you will find that the WT Society had financial interests in Randcan corporation which made weapons of war, also a big oil company off the coast of Brazil, AND as we know WT Society was a charter member of the United Nations for years ! And now - the financial plan is to send Circuit Overseers into kingdom halls and if a scartch is seen on the walls the elders are TOLD that the WT Society will fund the remodeling of the kingdom hall based on donated labor from congregation members and each family has been instructed to write down how much they will donate to the WT Society for tis work- then guess what ? At the end of it all the WT Society will hold the title and deed on EVERY kingdom hall on the planet and each JW will have funded that operation. And what do individual JW's get ? Nothing. You do NOT pass go, you don't get $200.00 like in Momopoly- you get NOTHING.

    There are evil forces at work here folks. Oh and one more thing - JW's aren't told either that lots of their donated money is used to defend JW child molesters as well in courts across the globe. Somehow THAT little item gets left out at assembly expense reports . It's a criminal organization through and through trying to masquerade as respectable

  • Freedom77

    Yeah Mr. Flipper I'm sure it's much more convoluted and scammy than I'm aware of, that's why I'm asking the question. I remember in the 1970s the Society would never, ever publish ANY financial statements, and of course they have a list of scriptures as long as your arm to justify the secrecy. I swallowed the kool-aid without thinking then, but now 40 years later and knowing what I do of human nature, I just can't believe NOBODY at all is making a huge, hedonistic profit out of all that property, investment, and cash flow. Just wonder if anybody will ever do a Watergate-style investigation and actually follow the money trail to see where it leads. I can believe that the plain-living, oh-so-holy GB is just the front end, but who's living it up at the back? Thanks for your thoughts.

  • Darth Fader The Sequel
    Darth Fader The Sequel

    Money is the byproduct of POWER!! The WTBT$ has hundreds of millions and billions of dollars to do as they please with. How did they get that money? By developing their POWER over others. Was their goal to enrich themselves and their own bank accounts and live with the yachts and the jewelry and the dancing boys and girls? No. Their goal was the POWER!!!! Sure, the GB and the high ranking WT officials live comfortably and have a few personal perks and benefits (their Warwick project is their most audacious one yet). But that is not enough to run a global empire. The addiction, the greed..... is to the POWER!!!! Being treated like gods walking the earth. To be lauded and held up as God's very own specially selected mouthpieces. To have millions of people who obey every word you utter. THAT adoration and POWER is worth far more than any tangible luxuries a fat personal bank account could ever buy.

  • flipper

    I agree with you for sure. Like you- I wish someone WOULD go undercover and explore just wHERE all the WT money is hidden. SOMEBODY is raking it in when financial reports indicate WT Society is worth over 1 billlion $$$. Probably worth more by now after selling off all the Brooklyn Bethel property. Hopefully we will find out someday. Perhaps a financial scam will be exposed in the media about money laundering or ponzi schemes- it's about the only way I feel something may get revealed. WT leaders sure aren't going to reveal anything ! LOL. Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    How many layers of government does one person need? i ask myself. Here in the U.S. we have a huge government made of many layers. People who investigate any part of the government, from local to federal, have to commit to years of work just to ferret out small mistakes. Any type of powerful organization will protect their own existence and destroy opposers.

    So if one is a member of the WT organization in the U.S., just for example, that is just one more oppressive layer of government added to the burden already being carried by the multi-taxpaying citizen. This WT government claims to set us free but really they cause people to revoke their own citizenship rights. We are supposed to be neutral and uninvolved with community decisions, which just puts us back to taxation with no representation.

    And we SURE aren't represented anywhere in the WT org! You better shut up and pay your contributions if you know what's good for you. It is none of your business how much money the WT pulls into its bank accounts from all over the globe, anymore than it's any of your biz what policy decisions we make for you to implement. Close your eyes, shut up and obey!

    That type of government is closely related to tyranny that good men and women fought and died to destroy.


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