Who Really Profits from the WTBTS?

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    Right on, Darth! POWER is a HUGE aphrodisiac and even tops money. Money follows the POWER maybe not so much with the puppets at Crooklyn but they're filthy rich in comparison to where they started.

    It would be great to know who the heavies at the top of the pyramid scheme are and their cut - what a magic business and the Copperfields/Burtons have to work so hard for their money. Gotta love religions' freedom and tax free laws. Makes me sick!

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    Without transparency, we can only guess what happens to the money. When I was active, the Witnesses were much smaller. I assume that the Witnesses have the same amount as similarly situated religions. It sounds like a lot to us but I doubt it is. We don't know their portfolio. They seem land heavy. Yet scholars don't report GB members with Bentley or Ferraris. A cpa would need to comb through the data with FASB standards. They won't need their assets in the new world.

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    Nobody does. You only think of the USA . The branches in the world outside europe, usa, australia cost a lot of money. I have never ever seen someone having benefit from it. They all work hard, the little luxury Some have ( a crappy american or japanese car brand) , come from familiy Or friends.

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    I have a Suspicion that there are Individuals who are not Witnesses, that are Pulling the Strings. There have been rumors in the Past that a few Wealthy Jewish families have substantial Financial interests in the WT. Fred Franz had a "advisor" / "bodyguard" named Natheer Salih that was with him at all times, and often even spoke for him.

    I have another Suspicion that the same groups & individuals that run The US Government,The Catholic Church and the. Mormon Churches of the World have Influence on the Organization.

    If you believe that The WT is part of Babylon The Great, then ties run deep into dark waters.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    The antiSemitism never stops here. I am an Illuminati according to this chart. No wonder we have a bad reputation.

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    It would be easy to follow the money if only someone could get hold of the Watchtower's financial records, especially their Accounts Payable ledger. It would be interesting to see what they are paying their suppliers for paper, ink, etc. It would also be revealing to see what they pay to outside maintenance contractors. If the Watchtower pays twice the going rate for their paper and ink to the Rich JW Paper Company for example, then you get an idea as to who is running the show and the profit.

    Not sure if anyone has discussed this before, but the Watchtower could be an ideal setup for laundering money. For example the Watchtower receives a suitcase filled with $100,000 in cash. The Bethel bookkeeper records it as the take from the conventions. Then the bookkeeper is instructed to write a check for $90,000 to a company with ties to organized crime for nonexistant maintenance work. Now everyone is happy. The Watchtower made 10K for making a couple of journal entries and the criminals keep the Feds off their back and report 90K legit income for non-existant work. Not saying that this is happening, but the Watchtower higher ups are only human.

    Hopefully a disgruntled Bethel accountant will come forward with the Watchower's financial records, then we won't have to speculate.

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    Money, power, political influence on a global scale...what is clear is that this organization would not have lasted without the complicity and silence of the US government.

    "To know who rules over you find out who you are not allowed to criticize." I would add, because you don't even know they exist.


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