How many things did you toss out in the name of Jehoover

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  • apostrate


    Perhaps you are new to life outside "The Tower". Welcome! Even if an artist is or might be a satanist, does that mean that you shouldn't listen to any of their music? If you enjoy eating at a particular restaurant and then you find out that the cook is a Southern Baptist, would you quit eating at that restaurant?

    The fact is, I don't believe that the Beatles were indeed Satanists. But, it is true that record company execs and managers were pushing the "satanist" image on their artists as it made for more sales, larger profits. Just ask Keith Richards, he's been very vocal about how the satanist image was forced on the Rolling Stones. (As if they needed a "satanist" image to improve their bad boy image).

    Another fact, John Lennon is the Beatle who wanted Hitler's photo on the cover of Sgt Peppers. He did not decide against it, the record company would not go for it.

    We live in an imperfect world. All music is "tainted". Do you really want to become a Pharisee, nit picking everything to find something pagan or bad about it? Excuse me, you can replace the word Pharisee with Jehovahs Witness.

    If you really feel that The Beatles, or any other artist, is indeed "demonized", and you wish to get rid of their albums, go ahead, get rid of 'em! But do it because of YOUR conscience and not that of somebody else's. And certainly not because The Watchtower tells you to do so!

    In fact, if I were to get rid of something that is "demonized", I would begin with the mountain of Watchtower publications stored out in the garage!!! Nothing wrong with that!

  • stillin

    Yup. Threw all of my vinyl away. Lost track of the whole music scene for years. Didn't read a single work of fiction or any literature for years.

    What a schmuck I was!

    Got the remastered Beatles on vinyl that came out last year. Pieced together the 80's and 90's stuff that I missed. My brain is soaking up music and books like I'm a sponge that's been out in the desert for years.

    What a schmuck I was.

    Apostrate giving the comic books to a Jewish kid because he was going to die anyway! Lmao!

  • Ucantnome

    i got rid of a cd to be on the safe side two things happened that i couldn't easily explain. (cd belonged to my dead relative)

  • apostrate


    Thanks for peaking my interest and then leaving me hanging!! You said it's not easily explained but please try!! I'd love to hear the story!!

  • starbox120862

    I remember sticking a rainbow sticker on my Bible (so I could tell it from all the other identical ones) and being reproved by an elder and having to peel it off.

    I remember the woman I studied with telling me that as my eldest son was listening to Iron Maiden CDs, he'd get into Satanism. Well I'm glad to report he lives a blameless bachelor life with a top job!

    I recall an elderly lady I knew while in Witnesses, telling me that when she & husband starting out, the organisation taught that the world was about to end so they never had kids. How sad, if that's what she would've wanted.

    I remember reading newspapers and shutting eyes when I turned over zodiac page, in case I accidentally read any of it.

    And writing to local church where I was christened as a baby, asking them to take my name off their baptized register!

    Looking back it was all so stupid, and I think I started to see that, and was greatly spurred on to quit by the wonderful books by Raymond Franz.

  • Ucantnome

    im sorry i'm careful for a few reasons. one being i usually regret most of what i post and if it could be deleted the next day i would.

    anyway. I'm sort of ocd. when i go to bed some nights i think i won't be able to get out of the kitchen and up the stairs. so one morning im working away alone in the house and i hear this noise coming from my printer in the back bedroom. it was running. nothing came out. I unplug almost everything at night and that printer hadn't been used for days.

    then i had this

    then late one night i thought i saw wisp of something.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I was told by an elder that I had to throw away the song 1999 by Prince. He really tore into me about having that song in my home. Now Prince is suposed to be a JW and still making the same music that I had to throw out. I guess now it's OK to have his CD's?


  • JeffT

    I tossed a lot of records, now mostly replaced although the King Crimson is hard to find. I also tossed about $500 (in 1973 $$) worth of astrological reference books. Probably some other stuff. I wouldn't use the astrological books now, but it was part of who I was way back when, I'd like to have some of it for the nostolgia. Oh well.

  • Xanthippe

    My mother got rid of old plates from relatives that I now think might have been Spode. Furniture and clothes. China and silverware from relatives. We were so damn poor too. Grrrr! Couldn't sell it of course because of passing on the demons!

  • Phaedra

    Lots of music... books... holiday cards from non-jws...


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