How many things did you toss out in the name of Jehoover

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  • WTWizard

    I threw away quite a few records--including 12" singles that are to this date irreplaceable. I also got rid of a few astrology items and psychic readings (which proved relatively poor for accuracy), and some Christmas decorations (admittedly, some were in rather beat up condition).

    Not to mention, I threw away a lot of time going to boasting sessions and in field circus including time when sleep was in short supply (such as having to work all night and then get up for a boasting session before working that evening, or having a boasting session and then needing to be up early for work next day). And plenty of opportunities to make money, including buying silver when it was under 4 toilet papers an ounce. And salvation--I lost critical chances to develop my soul while letting joke-hova thoroughly shut out any salvation.

  • Emery

    As a child - my power ranger toys and posters ... I will never forgive this lol.

    As a teenager - relationships with very attractive girls who were interested and my high school best friend who I was told to avoid because he was "worldly" and didn't "love Jehovah".

    As a young adult - playing rock shows as a drummer (turned down several opportunities to play with a few well-known local bands in my area).

  • Phizzy

    I was born-in and I cannot ever recall throwing away anything that the W.T had condemned. True, as a teenager I did not buy stuff that would offend my parents, so I had nothing to throw away I guess.

    When I was in my twenties ,and married, I remember an item on the Service Meeting which had these youngish kids, teenagers, going through their record collections and chucking the stuff that the P.O deemed doubtful. At the time I thought to myself, why the hell did the kids buy the stuff in the first place ?

    Not that I was a good JW by any means, but I had developed a keen survival technique, and knew how I should appear to be.

    I realise now that those kids were only buying innocent pop music anyway.

    Later in life I found out that most JW's ignored all the "guidance" anyway and listened to whatever music they liked, and watched "R" rated films etc etc as well as regularly over-drinking.

    Two of the teen-age girls who were acting the goody-goodies in that S.Meeting item were a short time later reproved for some very dodgy sexual antics they got up to.

    It all reminds me of the phrase "whitewashed graves", it is all about appearances, how JW's appear to the "world", who in actuality care not one bit about what JW's do and don't do, and about how JW's appear to each other, who care very much, because all other J.W's must suffer as much as they do for being in the silly religion.

    They hate it if one of their number seems to be "getting away with it".

  • QuestioningEverything

    I have tossed out a few things, much to my embarrassment.

    A full boxed collection of the Harry Potter book series..

    A magazine some Muslim men 'placed' with my husband

    A sweater i was given that had some flags on it from several countries.

    How foolish to think these inanimate objects would haunt me or come alive.

  • apostrate

    While I actually saw this type of thing happen several times, I will only talk about one particular experience I witnessed while living in Northern California. The Circuit Servant, who typically came around a couple of times a year, was a real pompous, obnoxious type. This was back around 1979. Once when he came around he let it be known in no uncertain terms that mustaches, just like beards, was not acceptable in Jehovahs Congregation!!

    I didn't sport a mustache but several of the "brothers" did. And by the end of the week, when the CS had left, sure enough, ALL these "brothers" had shaved off their mustaches. A lot of comments circulated about how different Brother So-And-So looked without his mustache! (Usually, by the tone of their voice, you could tell that what they really were trying to say was, Brother So-And-So looks so much better with his mustache!)

    Well, within about 6 to 8 weeks, they pretty much had all grown their mustaches back.

    Next time the CS came around, apparently the whole "Mustache-Gate" incident had been pretty much forgotten!

  • New Worldly Translation
    New Worldly Translation

    I don't think I personally threw anything away but my mother was continually throwing things out cos of demonz!

    My parents once burned pretty much everything I owned once when I first left the org, books, dvd's, games, various clothes. My dad found my copy of crisis of conscience. Most of it was innocuous though and I had quite a lot of books which I was proud of. They left 3 and the choice I always found curious; an illustrated history of Disney, Lewis Carroll's complete works and a biography of morecambe and wise. It made it easier to move though when I eventually went to university later that year.

    all the family are jw's and if they get given things from each other it very often goes in the bin, its all a bit crazy.

    my parents have recently retired and my dad took his pension as a lump sum. They threw out virtually everything in the house and bought new even though they have massive credit card debts and loans. For many years my mum has said she hears things and feels things touching her, that she figures are demons. I think she might have a form of schizophrenia tbh, the family have a history of it.

  • stuckinarut2

    I threw out all my classic 80's and early 90's rap cassettes! But I can always buy them again for sentimental reasons if I really wanted....

    More seriously though, I threw out the opportunity to live a real and normal life as a youth growing up...that is the sadest part, as I cant ever get that time back!

    Yes, Im bitter about it!

  • finally awake
    finally awake

    I threw away a set of irreplaceable handblown Christmas ornaments that were bought on my honeymoon. Stupid stupid stupid

  • berrygerry

    MINT albums (got a $1. for them at the record store - the clerk was stunned at their condition),


    the job that is/was my favourite,

    finishing post-secondary education,

    my teeth and my childrens' teeth,

    not marrying for profound love,

    not being financially anywhere near where I should be at this stage;

    my and my childrens' mental health,

    true friends;

    all things considered, not many regrets.

    (This doesn't count the MANY thousands of dollars of antiques the OPOMC destroyed trying to silence voices in her head.)

  • ozbrad

    I used to get old 45's off the Jukebox for 20 cents when they replaced them with newer ones.

    I had over 3,000 and 500 odd albums all burned or made to be sold in case they had backward masking on them.

    I ended up having a huge fight with my father over it and told him that was it. I left saying I was never going back.

    Were's all these satanists who read Harry Potter novels and bought Beatles albums. Must be millions of them.

    End sarcasm.

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