How many things did you toss out in the name of Jehoover

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  • love2Bworldly

    I had a flash back yesterday. My non JW husband and I went to Disneyland and bought my young daughter a set of 7 dwarf toys. After a few months I felt guilty and threw them away, thinking they were demonized. How stupid is that? I am embarrassed.

    How many things have you thrown away in the name of the Botchtower religion?

    Previously to the above experience, I remember throwing out my Beatle records, and destroying part of my Barbie doll house that had Horoscope wallpaper. Looking back it just seems so sad & sick.

  • apostrate

    In 1965 in North Hollywood I was 11 years old and my mom had recently become a JW. Never having been involved in a religion before, I was really getting into it. Besides, it was pretty cool learning that I would never die! I had a pretty large collection of Superman and Batman comic books and, even though I was just 11, they managed to subliminally implant their thoughts into my head about how bad comic books were, especially Superman and Batman.

    So, I gave away my comic books to a classmate, a jewish kid named Steven. Steven, being jewish, wasn't going to be in the New World anyway.

    One of the things that made the biggest impression on this little 11 year olds brain was the fact that there was never a collection taken at the meetings, JW's were never about money, "You receive free, you give free!". This, above all else, really impressed me!

    I don't know how I overlooked this all this time, but a few weeks after giving my comics away, I was in the back of the Hall one night when I saw a box that plainly stated on it, "DONATIONS". You could have knocked me down with a pamphlet!!!! I told my mom and she explained to me that they had to take donations in order to run the organization, but they would never pass a collection plate.

    Yeah, I had to accept her explanation, but my attitude toward the Organization would never be the same after that, (at least for a few years)!

    I went back to my friend, Steven, and asked him if he still had the comic books that I gave him.

    "Yup! Sure do, and I'm keepin' 'em too!"

    Yeah, I figured as much.

    Fast forward a few years. I'm now 18 years old and living in Dallas TX. I spent some time in the "World" which caused me to rethink my thoughts on religion. Yada, yada, yada, I'm back in the Org and I'm feeling guilty about my large Rock n Roll record collection!

    "Hey Brothers! Who wants to go help me dispose of all this vinyl?????"

    Man, I had some really collectible Beatles, Stones, WHO records!

    Rest assured, I am not throwing anything away for these ^%$^%'s anymore!!!

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    I still have my vinyl LPs from the sixties. The Beatles and other groups are remastering in vinyl format. My albums are in sad shape. I had a bad sound system. There are smudges on them, too. There are so many Beatles memories. Dylan, too.

    The bros sprang a trap for my mom who had the most awesome blonde human hair wig. It changed her personality. They told her she had to burn it. She replied that she would not. She could stand up to brothers without showing rage. They never said anything to me and I had a shag hair cut from Greenwich Village. My skirts were mini skirts.

  • 4thgen

    I destroyed about 50 of my husbands rock albums for fear of demonic messages and backward masking. Boy was he pissed! At the time I felt justified.Now I just feel stupid.

  • apostrate


    Ouch!! Yeah, it's bad enough throwing your own things out. Throwing someone else's things out can be dangerous!!!

  • apostrate


    In fact, when you go throwing other peoples belongings out, demons might be the least of your worries!!

  • sparrowdown

    Everything and everyone.

    I was living with a guy when I started studying and I was told I would never progress unless I left him,

    so I just packed up and left while he was at work. Poor bastard, the cong just acted like it was nothing.

    I never spoke to my worldly relatives again they were considered bad association and they would undo all my progress.

  • LisaRose

    My daughter was scared by her grandparents into throwing away her Smurf doll. I thought it was nonsense, but what can you do when you have an eight year old who has been told they were demonized and would get up and walk? What kind of people would say that to an eight year old? They should have talked to me first.

  • Maranatha

    Nothing wrong with throwing out Beatles' albums. They were Satanists. They have Aliester Crowley on the cover of their "Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band" album. They were going to add Hitler as well, but decided against it. Jayne Mansfield is on the cover as well. She was a high priestess in the Church of Satan.

    Believe it or not, but many of those rock and roll bands you listen to were/are active Satanists. A lot of them followed Crowley.

  • Mikado

    what nonsense.

    never heard so much tripe for such a long time.

    the Beatles were not satanists. they put a lot of people on that cover, and then became concerned that they living ones may have an issue. dead people tend not to be successfull litigants. he wa someone who marketed himself very carefully. nothing more. nothing less.

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