Name Some Things That JWs Look Down Upon That Normal People Wouldn't Even Think About?

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  • stuckinarut2

    Arriving to an assembly in an unwashed car

  • stuckinarut2

    receiving a promotion at work, or recognition at school.

    (Unless of course one then says "Jehovah blessed me and then gives it as an experience at an assembly saying how this reaction bought people into the "truth"

  • stuckinarut2

    Spending time with the family on a Saturday or Sunday taking a drive or picnic etc.....

    (not out in service...arrrghhhh bad bad person!)

  • M*A*S*H

    For me I think it's women in positions of (even moderate) authority. Common place today; however in dub land if they so-much-as say a prayer they are forced to wear a tea-towel.

  • objectivetruth

    Playing Poker. Even when no Real Money is Involved.

  • love2Bworldly

    how about going on vacation without going to meetings? normal people go on vacation all the time without worrying about missing one Sunday of church

  • Focus

    A second bite at the cherry:

    jWs look down on people who make jokes. The Watchtower actually published that there is no evidence that Jesus used such "devices"!

    Conclusion: There's nutty people, there's ultra-seriously-nutty people - and then there are Jehovah's Witlesses.



    ("Laughter" Class)

  • hassan73

    When I was growing up...not wearing stockings out in field service or at the hall....and it be hot as heck, but we still had to look modest..Wow

  • HeyThere

    There are a few things that I have found...interesting or even bizarre about witnesses.

    Holiday/birthday food: It is almost like a fear of eating it. One sister was telling me about how a Co - worker brought her back a piece of birthday cake and she basically freaked out on her...When the Co - worker was being nice! I was so thrown off by the story...Maybe one of the first Wtf moments I had about jwisms. Or maybe I am just greedy but I never turned down birthday cake... or a good thanksgiving stuffing. Mmmmm, stuffing....

    JW kids and "worldly" friends: I have seen first hand how the witnesses strongly discourage and "tsk tsk" about the kids having such friends. This can make kids socially awkward. My husband was trying to prevent my child from having "worldly" friends but I kept taking her to hang out with them. On that note, he also attempted to do that with me but I didn't bite. When I would mention a non dub as a friend, such as "Hey, remember my friend so - and - so?" He would say "She is not your friend" another weird jwism. Only other Jws are your friends. They even call people they have never met friends. Hmmm...

    The whole stigma about saying "God bless you" when someone sneezes or "good luck"...never understood that.

    The obsession with labeling things as demonic. Movies, toys, clothes: demonized. Smurfs, unicorns, fairies, w8zards, etc. I never knew so many demons were lurking about in inaminate objects. I was talking about how good "I Am Legend" is, and the sister I was talking to (one of my in-laws) her eyes got all big and she looked at me offended and said "I ain't letting no demons up in my house, no no." I was woke up atthis point, and I asked her how it would letting demons in her house. She just looked at me. So I explained that the zombies in this movie have a virus due to a reaction from an anti cancer drug. She just shook her head. So did I.

  • minimus

    Pworrying about stumbling people. Lol

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