reading COC for the first time

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  • Apognophos

    Welcome Tigersuit. I second what zed said. Don't kick yourself, just figure out your takeaways and move forward. An obvious takeaway for me was to never again take people's word for anything important, but there were a couple other lessons. I've also kept a couple lessons I was taught as a JW because I still agree with those particular principles.

    But you were a part of the religion for some valid reasons, whether you converted or were born-in. It served some needs of yours until you outgrew it. And I'm guessing you met your wife there! So don't look back in anger, just look forward to the freedom you have now. I'll enjoy hearing your story later.

  • steve2

    I like the focus on strengths that is coming through these posts. It takes courage to even begin to intentionally use your brain instead of fearfully shutting it down.

    My JW grandparents - now long deceased - would say very boldly, If you say you have the truth, you are obliged to have made sure of all things. Those older JWs could defend their beliefs with scripture after scripture, tightly argued. They did not head for the hills at the first whiff of doubt or questioning. Of course they were wrong, but they could stand up and defend their faith. The modern breed of JWs are shockingly superficial and limp in their preaching - and wouldn't know a well argued point of view if it hit them on the head.

    I applaud anyone who can start thinking clearly in this sort of fear-ridden, closed-down environment.

  • problemaddict

    Hey tigersuit,

    Congrats on figuring out where you are at. Ever moreso....WITH your wife. Many here have suffered hard for the opportunity to talk to their husband or wife openly, and many still live with a true believer which can be torture.

    The Malawi thing is rough. Even moreso when you consider the oath of alligence all of the GB members have signed through the years in order to get a passport. The language is much more intense on the US passport at the time of this alligence, than there ever was on the Malawi party card. Its semantics....there was only ONE party.

    You guys need to be very careful about your exit. COC is great because it clearly reads as someon sympathetic to wht he always believed, and not a brand of fire breathing apostacy with lies to boot.

    THAT is why that book has done more to free minds as a starting point, than ANYTHING else.

  • Londo111

    Welcome, Tigersuit!

  • bigmac

    hello tigersuit--and welcome to this site.

    ive been well rid of this cult for more than 34 years now--having realised that i was a true atheist many years before. however--i'm perfectly happy to share membership of this site with those who still need to believe in their preferred deity.

  • Crazyguy

    Hold on to your ass the ride really going to get crazy now!!! Don't do anything or talk to anyone until you first come here and get advice...

  • SG098

    Welcome Tigersuit! And welcome to reality! The watchtower mindset is the matrix, it is not real, and its not healthy. So happy you and your wife are doing this together. Some of us are not as lucky to have our spouses see the lies of watchtower.

    Whats always amazed me is most JWs do not realize that Jesus is not the mediator of the great crowd. According to the organization Jesus is only mediator for the 144,000. This is a blatant contradiction and twist of scripture.

    Reason I bring up this random point is because research is key to leaving and never looking back. Glad to have you here. Im sure as an elder you have some pretty interesting stories to share.

  • Vivere

    I was there 3 years ago and remember sobbing night after night because I felt a part of me died. It was definately a rollercoaster ride of mixed emotions but I am far happier now that I have ever been in my entire life.

    It is true that research is the key to leaving and not looking back. I never accept anything as a fact until I verify sources.

    Wishing you the best on your journey! Being liberated and free is a wonderful feeling!!

  • This is my tigersuit
    This is my tigersuit

    so we were supposed to go to meeting tonight, but we didnt. we have been feeling guilty and shameful all evening but then i read more in COC and it reminded me how they are false prophets. nonetheless, its hurting.

    whats bad too is that our asleep witness friends who have no idea that we've awakened, keep inviting us places. we love them so much but have to keep quiet! this is tough.......

  • Phaedra

    I was never the same after reading CoC for the first time. It was a true "pull back the curtain" moment for me.

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