Giving "Jehovahs spirit" credit for mundane, everyday things!

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  • piztjw

    Its always "jehovahs spirit etc" when things go a certain good way!

    But when things go bad it is just God letting you be tested? At the same time they will tell you there is no such thing as karma or fate. Either God and the devil control your every action or they don't. Can't be both ways.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Oh my life! I remember being young, indoctrinated and idealistic. I did the same thing myself. I cringe with embarrassment when I remember the occasion, even my very faithful wife mocked me.

  • villagegirl

    Holy Spirit, talked about in these contexts already mentioned,

    is more like a magic spell, or a charm. BUT if you try to talk to

    a witness in about the idea that they do not need an 'organization'

    all they need is to be 'born again in the spirit' they will stare at you

    in complete confusion. The ideas about being free, liberated from

    a priesthood like, "governing body" and being "in the spirit of Christ"

    part of the spiritual onesness of all believers; these things are

    inconceivable to them, "apostate" ideas. To JW's the holy spirit

    is like a lucky charm.

  • Dagney

    This drives me crazy! When something good happens, it's Jehovah's blessing them. When something bad happens, Satan is testing them and the world is so bad.

  • villagegirl

    Terry - Your obsession with bashing anything spiritual or connected

    to belief or non material forces is not as enlightened as you imagine

    it to be. The word, spirit, is not a "junk" word. It is used across cultures

    to refer to inner feelings, and altruistic motivations and energy felt for

    everything; from national pride, to loyalty to a team, to compassionate

    response to others, to inspiration for creativity. Spirit is an upward and positive

    reference, to many it is connected to existence itself and conscious awareness

    in both humans and animals. Your determination to obliterate all spiritual

    and non material concepts, is morbid. What a depressing world view you have.

  • Emery

    Just tell them to walk into any christian book store and they will find millions upon millions of miracle stories from people who felt the holy spirit provided for them. Of course, they'll probably say that "Satan blesses people too".

  • RichardHaley

    We had a bro in our cong once that served in WW2 under Gen Patton. He did 3 tours (that is what he said) in the European theater. Most in his company died but of course he survived. He was realistic but crude and many avoided him. One time in service he was telling one of his "close call" stories when a sister interrupted him and said "the holy spirit saved you because J knew you were going to be a JW later." "BS!" he said, " I survived because I refused to march behind our tanks as commanded... everybody was shooting at those tanks!" I spit my coffee on the dash laughing so hard.


    LOL!!! Printing the RNWT!!! They used donations to build a special air-conditioned building for those dumbed-downed bibles. The word "Watchtard" exists for a reason.


  • DesirousOfChange

    I thought an extreme example of this was the murder of the young JW woman in Portland Oregan a couple of years ago. Note the claim of "divine intervention" in locating her body where it had been concealed by the murderer:

    "Church member Bob Weaver coordinated the search. . . He was a Portland firefighter for nearly 30 years and a para-rescueman in the Air Force Reserve. Any evidence they did locate up there would have been deteriorated, and her body would probably not have been found until next year with a hunter or something. That's why we really feel like there was divine intervention on this," he said.

    RIGHT! Certainly makes sense to me that there would divine intervention in finding the body. Too damn bad God was too late to intervene and prevent the murder of the poor girl!


  • Scott77

    Recently, my car ran out of power because I forget to turn it off. While standing on the road, a passerby come along within less than ten minutes. I waived him to stop and he did. The genttleman helped with a jumpstart. Thanks to HS, I was not stranded.


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