Pets aren't people, says speaker at Regional Convention. Fido and Mimi better watch out! And instead of drinking wine or beer go do some gardening or play golf.

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  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    There is no doubt in my mind that dogs and perhaps cats are people. Not human people but dog people. PBS ran a documentary about the evolutionary

    adaption that both humans and dogs accomplished. My dog is brilliant and loving. If God is the creator, He created humans and dogs to live together.

  • jgnat

    Pet blessing ceremonies, often around October 4.

  • HeyThere

    I love animals. They have feelings, personalities, love, learn, teach. From horses to goats...yes, even goats, animals are amazing. Watching them interact can be very eye opening.

    The GB doesn't want dubs to like anything but them and the all things wt. It is sad so many people fall for their schemes...but they wrap it up so nicely, and their publications, while written at an elementary school level, are written in a way to manipulate emotions. I hope dubs don't start abandoning their pets after this...

  • kaik

    I like having my kitty around. He is a hybrid between asian bengal and serval, so he is a bit wild and I do not recommend it to people who have kids and do not have a time for him. He is very intelligent, opens every closet doors so we have to child proof all cabinets. We play hide and seek, and he likes to chase me. I take him on walk around the house, I have a decent size backyard, so we can play there. He never goes out unsupervised. Generally in my KH nobody had pets except us and one woman who was an childless elder wife and cat hoarder. She was living on cottage by forest surrounded by pack of semi-ferral cats. WT feels that animals takes time and dedication that should be used for a field service. I consider my cat as my family member. I like when my mom calls him my little boy, it is so funny.

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